Report: Channel 3 lays off Brad Perry, Dan Davis

KTVK-TV has laid off longtime “Good Morning Arizona” personalities Brad Perry and Dan Davis, according to a published report on the Phoenix Business Journal’s website.

Earlier Wednesday, KTVK parent company Belo announced it was laying off 150 people nationwide.

Perry (pictured on left), who mostly did weather reports from remote locations, had been with Channel 3 for 11 years. Davis (pictured on right), who worked as an in-studio anchor, had been with the station for 26 years.

Perry has been pursuing a music career. He’ll have a release party for his first single, “Life is Good,” at Martini Ranch in Scottsdale at 7 p.m. Thursday.

Belo would not reveal how many other employees were laid off at Channel 3.

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334 Responses to Report: Channel 3 lays off Brad Perry, Dan Davis

  1. sharon v says:

    What a shame! Arizona’s “family” is amputating members in interest of profit.. I have been a fan for more years then I can count.

    What’s next? Tara? I have watched her grow up as a part of Arizona’s family. What about Dan and Lisa are they next? The Garden Guy?

    Goodness, we all know that we must tighten our belts right now. I am sure that he creative business people behind the scenes can come up with something more creative then to dis-own members of the family. Really, give me a call I will help.

    What will Black Friday be without Brad giving us first hand accounts of the nuts beating down each other to save a dollar? How about Dan’s handy tidbits? Dan is every single women’s dream man! He will actually explain and share, a hard trait to find.

    I am very saddened by this news and if this is the end for Dan and Brad, I will keep them in my prayers and best wishes. I also congratulate the future stations that are smart enough to make the a part of their “family”.

    How will we continue to advertise with the cute jingle about Arizona’s family? Goodness family is meant to convey the feeling of safety, security, warmth and always being accepted. What is the best way to convey this to our children? Well, we really loved them but they were a liabilty so we put them up for adoption? So very sad! I once felt so connected to 3 TV.

    I am compelled to tell you that I wasn’t looking for this news articles, nor have I ever emailed a tv station. I was actually looking for the election results for my town of Gilbert and saw this headline. Isn’t it enough that the President has made it clear we all need to contribute and make a sacrafice without having our comfort food taken?

    Personally, I will be switching to Fox 10, which for whatever reason that wasn’t explained to viewers and listeners to watch Beth and Bill. With any luck Dan and Brad will soon be following Beth and Bill. Much like today’s society the structure of the “family” often changes. Guess we have to go with the flow.

    What a shame.

    Sharon V.
    Gilbert, AZ.

  2. Noreen says:

    They are they best on Channel 3 and why i watch them…geuss I will change stations…sad news day. lay off Tara not these two

  3. Robin says:

    I shall now find a new station to watch, I watch ch 3 for these 2 amoung others, but if they cannot keep them out of loyalty for yrs of service, I cannot support ch 3

  4. Marigold says:

    BELO has made a HUGE mistake. Brad has been with them since I moved here. And Dan? You’ve got to be kidding me! The morning show will never be the same. And I don’t think I will be watching it if those 2 are gone. How can you break up a great set? This is a sad day for Arizona.

  5. natasha says:

    wow they were the best!!! I will only watch for tara now!!

  6. Bill says:

    You laid off two of the best and leave Patty what a bunch of dumb asses

  7. Traci says:

    OMG!!! This news is horrible. This is the only news station I watch. I love Brad’s silly stunts in the mornings. He would help me wake up. I hope that the lack of viewers does not lead to more layoffs. Or maybe it would just prove a point that if it works well don’t screw with it.

  8. billy says:

    i like looking at all these old farts complain about 2 people that got layed off cause they have no lives

  9. Char says:

    This a very SAD day for Morning NEWS!!!!!!!
    They are family!!!!! How could Belo turn their backs on loyal and decidated people and family as both Dan & Perry. If Belo can turn their backs on these two people I guess I will have to turn my back on BELO. I will be going to another station for my news from this point on Morning, Noon and Night….!!!!

  10. azup2here says:

    When are the President and all the higher up gov. people going to take a pay cut ??? or utilities going to come down ? be nice to see them all tighten their belts as much as all us people out here in the real world…

  11. nathan snead says:

    that was stupid! Hope another station picks them up. Well, not Fox. They would have Perry shining there shoes and tap dancing on the set. This blows. I watch them to laugh, its not even about the news.

  12. Tara says:

    I am very SAD! If you need to get rid of people on channel 3, get rid of someone in the evening. The morning show is the best ! I wake up at 5:30 am and watch until I leave for work at 7:30 am and have been doing so for over 10 years. I watch nothing but channel 3 in the morning for the entire crew! Where else can you get your morning news and laugh your butt off at the same time. No better morning program. Even my three kids know who everyone is. They love to know what Brad and Dan are up to today!

    For the evening news – I channel surf for the best stories or just surf the internet. My loyalty is to the morning crew on channel 3 – only.

    If they go to another channel…Channel 3 may just lose their viewers to follow Dan and Brad. Which would be sad. Tara, Scott, Brad, Dan and Gibby have been together for along time and I love them together. Will just have to wait and see.

  13. Joe Mama says:

    Who Cares!! They blow…

  14. crh says:

    So, so sad! I LOVE Brad and Dan both! Can’t imagine why BELO would cut these 2 when they give so much to Ch 3. Brad makes me laugh and brightens up my every day. And, I have loved watching Dan for years. Just too sad : ( There are a lot of people who most likely tuned into Ch 3 just to see these 2 characters.

  15. AngryIvan says:

    This is too bad! These 2 guys were the main reasons I watched channel 3 news. Both of them are genuine good people. I hope they find something else to do here in the valley and prove to BELO how bad of a decision they made.

  16. Cindy Johnson says:

    I’am so SHOCK\ED and SUPRIZED hearing the news. I just knew there had to be a mistake I love Good Morning Az .Brad and Dan are a big part of this show. Instead of only hearing the depressing news, they made me laugh and think of other things that were alot happier. IThis is a big loss to The Az Family and all of us as lsiteners. When other places are doing whatever they can to save peoples jobs, like going to a 4 day work week or others sacrificing some of their pay to keep others jobs you just let great people like Brad and Dan go. I think you will loose alot of listners even though I love the rest of the morning group Tara, Scott, and Olivia it just won’t be the same. I wish them the very best , iI really hope you will relook at this decision and bring them back!!

  17. Reuben says:

    My wife and I are very saddened by the sudden release of Mr.s Brad Perry
    and Dan Davis. They provided a very ‘fun’ start to what is usually a very hectic
    day. We were always impressed with the ‘chemistry’ of the staff who truly
    appeared to like and respect each other. It was this sense of family that set
    Channel 3’s morning show apart from other local TV news shows. I found
    the human interest segments of the show provided by Brad perry to be one of the most compelling reasons to watch Channel 3 …otherwise it becomes just
    another news shows. Hopefully another local employer will appreciate this
    unique talent and keep them in this service area. WE WISH YOU THE BEST.

    y wife and I terribly that Brad Perry and Dan Davis will no longer be at channel 3 to begin and brighten our day. We watched channel 3’s mourning show almost daily

  18. Terence says:

    OMG! I guess the rest of reports will work over-time. I wish them the best.

  19. john says:

    Creepy how TV stations just drop their people down the memory hole when they get rid of them, like we’re supposed to pretend they never existed. Check out their website, they’ve already erased them with no mention whatsoever.

  20. Not a huge fan, and my work schedule doesn’t allow me to watch morning shows anymore – but at least these guys kept things interesting, as I remember. I wish both gentlemen well, and hope some other organization recognizes their worth soon.

  21. AngryIvan says:

    Brad & Dan, if you are reading this I want to say thanks for all the laughs, witty commentary on the news of our valley and beyond, and making TV more enjoyable to watch for all us local yocals. Keep your heads up – You both made great contributions to life here in the Valley of the Sun. Seriously, who’s going to keep Tara in line now?

  22. Amanda says:

    Ok. My dad works at channel 3, he is at risk for being laid off because they need to pay Tara and Patti’s salary. I’m gladd Brad got let go . He was too much of a liability. to the company. He screws up segments gets an attitude at everyone and has even hurt some kids that were in segments, because he was trying to be “the funny guy”
    Tara and Patty need to Go.
    They need to let April do the morning news

  23. Essexbob says:

    I hope Brad makes his carrer in music, but he will be sadly missed on Ch.3. Dan will also be missed. Whenever Tara is on I put it on mute-what a voice! The big winner in this scenario is Ch 10.

  24. Shocked says:

    I am still in shock after listening to Olivia and Scott announce this morning that Brad and Dan are no longer part of ‘our family’!! Not sure who is responsible for making this decision but whomever did, needs to be ‘laidoff’!! Wow, I guess the ‘economic crisis’ is allowing people to do whatever they want with no rational thought process. Obviously, the ‘decision makers’ at 3 tv need to be held responsible for this HUGE mistake. I know for a fact they will lose viewers with this bad decision and I hope sponsers too! Now that they have some extra money maybe they can hire an outside consultant to back up their HUGE mistake!! Now at least Dan will have some extra time to devote to the completion of his book series, Why Daddy has Gout?, etc. =)

    We will miss you both, Brad and Dan! Best of luck……..Cory and the Hooner….here we come!!!

  25. Mary Ann says:

    very sad news..they will be missed by me.

  26. Saddened says:

    All we’ve heard in the past year is how bad the economy is but you could turn on Channel 3 and see Brad Perry doing something silly and make you laugh. Dan always had something interesting and funny to give the viewers. Don’t they know that we don’t always want to hear only the bad news. I enjoyed turning on channel 3 to watch Brad Perry. I wish all the luck to Brad with his single and hope Dan can enjoy life without having to work! I won’t be watching Channel 3 anymore because it will be the same as all the us the bad news about the economy and whats happening Local like who got shot, all negative.
    We’d all be better off only watching the news once a week.

  27. Jenn Simmons says:

    This is such a damn shame. I loved watching Brad and Dan. They always made me laugh, and Brad’s enthusiasm was contageous. I heard the news and just wanted to cry. Sorry news Channel 3 you have lost two of your best personalities. I guess I will be making a switch to Channel 10 or just plain CNN. I wish Brad and Dan all the luck in the world. News Channel 3 is going without!

  28. Jim says:

    Young people, this is what happens when you age. Turn around twice and it will be you. Good luck in 30 years.

  29. Sue says:

    I am very sad about Brad and Dan being let go. They were the draw of the show along with with Scott and Tara. If any body needed to be let go it should of been Patty…she can’t even get through one report with out making mistakes..that’s is why I only watch the morning show. That’s what I look forward to each morning to see what funny things they were up to. What happened to Arizona Family? Dan was head of that family how could you let him go. Good luck to both of them.

  30. cathy binder says:

    I am beyond furious that Dan and Brad have been let go. So much for “Family” loyalty. Shame on you at Channel 3. I’ll be doing my morning watching on Fox from now on.

  31. Peggy Turnbough says:

    I watch Good Morning Arizona everyday, it’s a shame to see that they are to having to down size. I love Brad Perry, I could see them slowly taking him out of the spot light. Good guys, maybe should have looked someplace else…..Maybe Patty or Tara. Those 2 need to go. Good luck Brad and Dan.

  32. Boingo says:

    I can’t believe all of these people who enjoyed Dan and Brad so much. Doesn’t anybody have any taste or sense of quality? Dan was nothing more than an affable dunce – it didn’t appear he’d done a lick of actual work or reporting in the last 10 years. And don’t get me started on Brad. All he ever did was act the buffoon. He never remembered the names of people he was talking to or where he was, and seemingly couldn’t master the “art” of reading temperatures from a monitor (which I suppose is why they finally brought April in and stopped having him do the weather). He wasn’t funny; just over-bearing and annoying. It was a travesty that he had the job as long as he did because he was truly awful at it. But I guess it doesn’t take much to entertain some people.

  33. Anthony says:

    I agree with the rest of the posters here… 3TV will NOT be the same without Brad and Dan… they deserved better than this Channel 10 is now looking alot better.

  34. Kim says:

    Brad always cracked me up, and Dan was funny too. You need those upbeat personalities in the morning. Brad’s sense of humor was great and neither of those guys minded being goofy for the sake of entertainment! Goodbye Brad and Dan and goodbye channel 3!

  35. Michell says:


  36. MER says:

    Hey BELO, how about laying off Olivia instead. She’s useless and dumber than a brick. Nice how they did it while Tara was on vacation.

    Hey Dan Davis, if you read any of these blogs . . . put up a website with all the things you’ve done. photos, trips and other trivia. You’ll have a huge turnout.

  37. ace says:

    So some highly paid executive at BELO headquarters in Dallas, Tex. decides who goes and who stays in Phoenix. Figures.

  38. AZ Family Fan says:

    I am so disappointed that they kept the most expensive personality – TARA – and let the two guys I like to watch the most. Tara is the most snobby, ignorant, self-centered person they have at KTVK. At least Dan and Brad could get your morning started with a smile.

    BTW, how many times an hour do we have to see weather reports. Our temperatures don’t change that fast.

  39. Joe says:

    3TV should just have Beverly Kidd on all day.

  40. Amazed says:

    No, I’m not amazed that a business (yes folks, this isn’t a charity they’re running) has to make hard decisions about staff given this economy. And I’m not amazed that Dan and Brad were let go, given that this is ultimately a news program and to call their contribution as anything resembling “news” is laughable. No, what I’m amazed about is all of the gushing praise and outrage over the firing of two people that to me seemed the obvious choice. Brad was awful at the weather job and probably given the role of “funny guy around town” after his bosses realized he couldn’t read the temperatures correctly even after he had given them 5 times already that morning. And funny is certainly debatable – he clearly thought he was a riot. We found him annoying bordering on manic. As for Dan, I’m still not sure what his role was supposed to be, other than he had been there for years so give the guy something to do. Seriously people, follow them? To where exactly? They made the right call.

  41. Good Morning Arizona says:

    I have to agree with amazed. I haven’t watched much of GMA in the past couple of years, however, I always wondered how Dan could still be there with his little reports on internet websites and internet world news. Maybe he was needed for the Queen of Clean, I don’t know. I always assumed he must do his segments just to give him something to do to occupy his time. Brad was never a weather man, all he did was attempt to read the weather. Didn’t April take over the weather role several months ago.

    Both may be very good men, I don’t know them personally. It is tough to see people loose their jobs in this economy, but if cuts have to be made, I can understand their selection.

  42. Michelle Ann says:

    I agree with everyone else.. what are they thinking firing Brad and Dan.
    My husband and I have been watching channel 3 news since we moved here in 1998. Every time the station has a budget crunch they eliminate the morning talent. I just found Beth and Bill on the morning news on channel 10. I am turing to channel 10 now. The morning show is about news and entertainment, at one time channel 3 was number one , I do not know where they rank now.

  43. Michelle says:

    It was hard enough to watch the news day to day having personally been laid off and having to hear nothing but more bad news on a daily basis. But without light hearted Brad and Dan to take your mind off of the state of our country for even a brief moment is a shame. This just goes to show you how Corporate America works everyone! Hey Tara, feel free not to tell us about your stupid luxury vacations, could have cut some fat by getting rid of her.

    Good luck Brad and Dan! You have been a part of my day for a long time I hope that you find something soon!

  44. Fat Pauly says:

    ARIZONA”S FAMILY? what a joke…… what moron decided to cut these guys? Maybe some of us appreciate average joes like Dan and crackups like Brad! I wonder whose next? Also, quit trashing Tara, she’s hot!

  45. Michal Ann Joyner says:

    I’m sorry to hear of Brad and Dan’s demise. I wonder what was involved in the selection process as there are some new reporters on staff. I will continue to be loyal as long as Tara stays put. I love her, and she’s so professional and friendly on and off the TV.

  46. J-dawg says:

    Wow. That is sad. I really like the morning crew. Brad is the man, and so is Dan. What a shame. They really shouldn’t have been let go. It’s not very nice to say anyone should lose their job tho.

  47. Gary says:

    You last couple of posters seem to delight in pointing out that Dan and Brad weren’t “Solid Newscasters” They arent supposed to be! They are “Personalities”, designed to “Round Out” the apperance of being a “Family”.
    They were the buffer between the same ten “News” stories they would cram down your throat every 10 minutes.

    What about Patty? Just like Alec Trebek on Jeopardy, they are both Dumb as a box of Rocks without the Que Cards/Teleprompter in front of them, Patty cant even Ad-Lib without Que cards! She should have been put out to pasture YEARS AGO. Cant pronounce anything harder than “CAT”, and I’m giving her too much credit for even that!

    Everyone wants to bag on Tara as well, but she BUILT that show after Jodi Applegate left…….Are you seriously thinking that Channel 10’s crew is a viable alternative? Vaccous Blondes all the way around, Men included. I’d rather watch Paint Dry………Take away Olivia’s dimples and Smile, and she’s on the woodpile too. (No Offense Olivia, I like you, but it’s plainly simple as to why you were hired, Are the Dimples Implants?) The head brass must be worried about the heat they would take if they fired their Minority face….

    The show will never be the same. A sad day indeed.

    As for the website ( they disrespect the efforts of YEARS of being the NUMBER ONE morning show for the last 14 years by pretending that Dan and Brad never existed…..and their contributions did not help that number one rating.

  48. B says:


  49. Charles and Kamille says:

    Bottom line… It hurts to see anyone lose their jobs at a time like this. My prayers go out to all who are struggling to keep a roof over their heads and a hot meal in their tummys!! PEOPLE WE NEED TO WAKE UP!!! THIS IS BIGGER THAN JUST A NEWS STATON!!!

  50. Its interesting now that now that the 2 anchors are now gone, they are using photographers as talent for the morning show (ie libby, and 2 others) for the past year to supplement on air talent. Its nice to know that executives at Belo are slowing taking apart an icon in Phoenix.

    That’s my opinion.

  51. Patti says:

    Doesn’t anyone see the writing on the wall for GMAZ? They are slowly turning over the show to the younger generation – Olivia, Aprile, Javier. Every day I expect to wake up and see Tara and Scott replaced with these 3. No one will ever have to worry about Aprile not understanding what Tara and Scott are talking about because “she wasn’t born yet”.

  52. donna says:

    I’m a loyal TV3 fan. They laid off two people who did nothing but collect a pay check. Brad has a personality disorder and should have never been on TV. Dan took up space doing what??? As much as I love Tara, she takes off work like water. How many vacation days does she have? Now, that she has money a (husband) she should be let go also. and if Scott can’t respect that we have a new president not Mc Cain he should be let go. April is not all that she thinks she is. I won’t change stations I just hope they can pull it all together again. Dan, Brad & April need to go. The rest should be placed on a warning. Get it together or move on.

  53. Sharon Rasmussen says:

    Belo has made a very serious mistakr. I have lived inAz 30 years and been a faithful Channel 3 fan for all of these years. Good Morning Arizona professionals start my day the whole year through. Dan in particular is my favorite personality. He appears to be as the saying goes and I think he has said, “What you see, is what you get. He relates on so many levels to the common ordinary citizen. He has great camera skills, compliments his television team, and definitely is a proud family man and proud of his career. I enjoyed the times he shared his personal stories and in seeing his kids grow up over the years.

    Shame on you Belo! You can assure that I will not watch Channel 3 any longer!!!

    Thank you Dan for your many years of service to television and this community. You will be missed but I am hopeful a new career path with come your way.

    I haven’t said much about Brad but I will miss him as well. His personality is the opposite of mine but I felt he could relate to a multitude of different people and settings. Brad always made me and the people he worked with laugh. I will miss his crazy ways but don’t kid yourself, his talents are unique. Take care Brad and you will be missed!

  54. Heidi says:

    Add me to the list of people who think this was a HORRIBLE decision!
    I too, hope another station picks them up…and I will be watching that station if they do (actually, I’ll watch another station even if they don’t!)! Many blessings to both Dan and Brad!!

  55. Mary says:

    I am soooooo happy they got rid of Brad. He was a waste of air time and money. He was sooooo annoying. I wish I had a dollar for every time he said “pretty much”. Although I liked Dan, he really didn’t do much on the show. I often wondered why he was there.

  56. Anita says:

    WOW. I have watched Good Morining Arizona for YEARS. I am DONE!! I hope Dan Davis gets a job at another station… that is the station I will be watching.

    I wish Brad THE BEST in his music career. Brad doesn’t need stinky channel 3. Pfffft!

  57. First round of layoff started in May of 2008, Belo was trying to balance the books.

    In prior months, the company had split the company into 2 companies, one print, the other broadcast. The Dallas TV Station their star crown jewel was bleeding in the red because of the spin off into two companies. The Phoenix station was in the black. BELO use the phoenix station and other stations across the US to balance to books in Dallas.

  58. Kramer says:

    Honestly, come on…they were laid off because they have no major role on G.M.Arizona. Thats why, plus everybody including big corporations have to cut costs because you people keep saving your money and not spending a dime on anything…so really by doing that it freezes the economy. So you’re at fault.
    I think all of the news people on tv should be replaced. I’m tired of looking at them. Keep Beverly Kidd, shes cute. Keep John Hook, he’s a damn good anchor. Keep Dave Munsey, damn good Meteorologist. Troy hayden too.
    This wouldn’t happen if consumer spending picks up. You can help boost consumer spending by supporting your local small businesses and spending your money instead of putting it under a mattress in your bomb shelter because you’re preparing for armageddon.

  59. What the hey says:

    Why keep Patti??? She really is not a good anchor at all…she screws up more than anyone…I can’t stand to listen.

    The morning show will certainly be boring now…oh well, glad I don’t have much time to watch TV.

    Good luck to both Dan & Brad.

  60. What the hey says:

    What’s on air reminds me too…

    Why have music? Most artist they display suck anyway.

    I’m tuning into another channel…by TV3!

  61. Are you kidding says:

    Well that what a shock!!! I still can’t believe they layed off Brad…he is a crack up!!! As for Dan we really liked him and he has been there so long…where is the loyalty??!! “Azfamily” not hardly!!! Tara needs to just shut up already!!! Why has she been there so long, she needed to be the first one layed off!!! Put Olivia April or even Beverly in the morning seat, they would be tons better than Tara!!!! And as for Patty, I can’t even watch the evening news until Beverly comes on!!! Patty needs to go as well!!!!! We will be looking at the other morning shows to decide which is better!!!! Goodbye channel 3!!!!!

  62. TIM says:

    Good, they were both beginning to get on my nerves. I have come to hate John Deere eguipment and found myself changing channels. Tara and April are still the best two on the show.

  63. Sharon says:

    I was so shocked and saddened when it was announced Brad and Dan had been laid off. I would often go to work repeating some of the fun and goofy stuff Brad was doing, and always enjoyed Dan’s laid-back personality. He seems so approachable and down to earth. I’ve watched the morning show since it first began with Jodie Applegate as the main anchor. I enjoy Scott as well and hope he doesn’t become victim to the “young attracks viewers” syndrome. It’s the seasoned generation who watches the majority of newscasts. If another station picks up either Brad or Dan, I will sadly switch from Channel 3. As a state worker who is losing a day of pay per pay period (today happens to be my furlough day….) I understand first hand about the economic slow-down. But to get rid of two of the most popular personalities leaves viewers scratching their heads. I will always remember you dancing “The Perry.” Halloween will not be the same either, with your yearly visits to Easley’s and the goofy outfits you ended up wearing. You both always brightened my mornings and I wish you the best of luck. Hopefully we will be seeing you on another station soon!

  64. Linda says:

    I totally agree with Good Morning Arizona in every aspect. I have been let go from my position at one time. It is very degrading. However, They needed to get out. I cannot believe they lasted as long as they did. Several times I wanted to write or call but did not because I know how it feels to lose your job. The right decision was definitely made in my opinion. BTW, now we are on the subject, what purpose does Tara serve?

  65. Shirley says:

    Please tell me this is a early April Fools joke! I watch channel 3 because I love Brad and Dan. I will not watch this channel anymore, I would think you could have laid off someone other than these two that make your channel so fun to watch. Big mistake and I am very upset right now. Hopefully another station will pick you both up and that will definitely be the statiopn I watch!

  66. Lisa says:

    OK, really…..THIS is what people are going to miss??
    Oh yeah, Belo is clearly out of their minds – what a talent. Seriously, this is all it takes to amuse people? (by the way, if you can’t view it, it is a youtube clip of Brad dancing behind the temperatures, which he never bothered to read correctly anyway…) They needed to cut costs, meanwhile they were paying Brad to dance and clown around, forget the names of people he interviews, while giving no news whatsover….I really don’t get everyone’s confusion over this.

  67. Jean says:

    Glad to see them go. It was time B Perry was annoying………

  68. DWG says:

    Brad is a pure JOKE!!!!! Maybe now I’ll watch TV3 again.

  69. Dennis says:

    Arizona’s Family is not the same. When I read that Dan and Brad had been abruptly terminated the first thing I did was check the date. No, it was not April 1st and the news was indeed true! No TV personality is popular with every viewer. That is the reason to have a diverse group of individuals to touch as many people in the audience as possible. These two folks deserved a better leave taking. My background includes command positions in the military and professional oversight of medical personnel. For the record, this method of ending a long term relationship is most unacceptable. Best wishes and Godspeed to both Dan and Brad. Let us hope that the BELO management can learn from this experience and not repeat this fiasco again with other people.

  70. Ben Dare says:

    Brad and Dan were the faces of humor and kindness on a show where Tara and Scott bicker like children.

    April is dull, Olivia laughs at the drop of a hat, the helicopter guy’s ball cap is permanently attached to his head, and those hideous radio folks Amy and what’s-his-name need to wash their hair more than once a month!

    BELO here’s my 2 cents: Dump Patti (can’t read and seemingly drunk), Kirsten Joyce (fake from head to toe) and Little Boo-Ku (OMG!). For the mornings- Scott, Beverly, Brad the sports guy, Brittney for weather, and Frank Camacho.

    Send Tara on permanent vacation, as she is gone most of the time anyway, and have puker Tyler Baldwin carry her luggage!

    BELO pull your head out!!

  71. Toni says:

    It’s obvious to me that it’s BELO who is dumber than a box of rocks. Many of us loyal 3 TV viewers watched GMAZ because we enjoyed the Morning Crew – all of them. It wasn’t just another stuffy, boring, news show. There are plenty of those around. It was a kick to catch the morning news & see what antics they were up to – or what local spot they were filming from. It was just a fun way to start the day. Silly sometimes – yes – bit silliness doesn’t bother me – life could use a little more of it. Those of you who disagree, probably didn’t like Wallace & Ladmo either!

  72. tamara says:

    I will miss Brad and Dan. I watched to see what Brad would do……….without the humor and regular nice guy segments these two contributed it is just news….everybody reports the same news. Brad and Dan made ch 3 stand out. I too will be switching channels.

  73. Ben Dare says:

    Me crazy? You is, girlfriend!

    Some of us who are more edumicated than you can’t take Tara’s monied snobbishness or Olivia’s dimpled demeanor.

    Can ’em…

  74. Torri Pine says:

    I feel badly for Dan……..just cuz of the way Belo did it……..and cuz of the way Good Morning AZ did it! Family my rear! Tara LEAVES for a couple days so that she doesn’t have to be the one to break the bad news. I feel bad that Scott had to do it……….he’s been there a long time and I’m sure was close to Dan……….seemed that at one time he was also close with Brad…….but Brad has an attitude and I think turned alot of people off. As far as were they the right choices to be let go??? Brad……yes! Hired as a weather guy and could not and would not be serious about giving the weather………never could get it straight… they gave him another chance and it just didn’t work….he’s preoccupied ………. with himself! Dan was no talent, no real purpose on the show………but I feel bad because he was probably only a few years away from retirement…….and after being there for 27 years, you don’t just ERASE him…….as they did on the ‘Bios” page. That’s pretty sad.

    Now …………. for some exciting news! I saw this posted on a site today: Olivia Fierro of KTVK Channel 3 in Phx. will be moving to Las Vegas to be the anchor for the evening news…………in April!!!! Now this does make me happy! But I feel bad for the Vegas watchers…… in the world can they take her seriously when she does that “very practiced” Shirley Temple pouty face when she’s trying to tell a serious news story!!!!!!!!!!!! Drives me nuts! She can barely keep from opening that giant mouth and grinning showing all those dang teeth and those horrible dimples that make her look rediculous!!! Bye Olivia! We won’t miss you! Bye Dan……..sorry this happened to you the way it did and hope you saved your money wisely all these years. Bye Brad……ummm……….uhhhh…….whatever! And hey, Tara? Please STOP bragging about all your money and all your trips and pretending to be so normal!! You are such a phony……….and you are a real jerk for ducking out when this bad news came down…….I’m sure they let them go so they could continue to pay your huge salary! :o(

  75. Laurel says:

    How could you. You’ve ruined the show. I will no longer be watching channel 3 in the morning. Dan and Brad were assets to the show. The entire cast was something special. You are really really foolish to do this. I will be switching to another station Monday morning. I will also not be at the Women’s Expo this year. My mother and I have go every year since the beginning to see all the channel 3 people. Very sad.

  76. Gail says:

    What a huge mistake you made! I have watching Channel 3 in the morning for 10 years. Without Dan and Brad, I will now be switching to Fox 10 in the morning. I hope Brad and Dan follow. When there is no loyalty in a company, I will no support them. You let the wrong ones go. Now, I also will leave.

  77. Reilley's Mom says:

    I agree with letting Tara go. That show has never been what it was with Jodi Applegate. The rest of the gang is wonderful. Tara needs a makeover badly. What is up with that hair? And as another person said she’s gone all the time anyway. Dan belongs on GMAZ, he’s part of the family. I think BELO has made a HUGE mistake here. Bring Dan back!! What happened to Sue Breding on Home Sweet Home Wednesday mornings? Thank God that Heather Moore is gone. She twitched so much I’m surprised she never threw out her back. Bring Dan back!!

  78. Geri D says:

    What a shame they keep Patty (helmet hair) , and OLIVIA her voice is so annoying. Dan and Brad were a delight to wake up too, I stopped watching Channel 10 because they thoughteveryone was impressed with the blonde bimbos they hired. Geez there are some people left in Arizona that want a quality news show. Now channel 3 has chosen to cast off these two guys, I guess I’ll try Channel 5 never to watch channel 3 again.

  79. Jrose says:

    I was shocked to read this in Friday’s paper! Having watched GMAZ since the Jodi Applegate days, I’d turn on TV3 first thing in the morning to get my day started, catch a little news and have a laugh. Not everyone wants just to hear the “doom and gloom” stories in the news. Dan always had something interesting to tell us in his 6:45 segment including when he travels back to Marion, OH. And Brad, what can you say! He’s a riot and I pray he does well in his endeavors to break into his music career and continues doing comedy. As for the GEAZ crew, they need to get rid of Patti who fumbles over every other word in her reporting! Even over the years, I’m still trying to get used to Tara who seems gone quite a bit for being in the anchor slot. It may be time to switch channels which I have already done for the evening news. A sad day for us loyal GMAZ fans!

  80. suzie says:

    perry was arrogant with us when the cameras went off in a live shot and nice with us on air- and then we discovered we weren’t the only ones that discovered that.. obviously perry and dan’s friends have written in good comments – because my sister is in advertising and their ratings were awful. the station would not jeapordize ratings in these times when they need ads.

  81. suzie says:

    oh and all brad during the time between shots – was try to get us to buy his CD-… We wanted the publicity the morning show gave us. but not the pressure from Brady Perry about lining his own pockets.

  82. Nancy Mendyka says:

    I am so glad Brad Perry is gone!!! I will never forget the winning game of the D-Backs World Series, after the game was over several people were waiting for the winners hats & shirts in the game shop. I saw B.P. & wanted to meet him, so I went up to him & jokingly said “Can you believe “you” have to wait for these(they had to be printed & delivered), he was so rude & offensive, I could not believe he was a 3TV personality. I started to really dislike everything he did from that day on. I say this was a long time coming. I am pretty sure all of the so-called community things he does is just him hoping to get something back. As far as his comedy,,,it stinks. Singing, so help me God,he would be on the out takes of American Idol.He really is BAD.
    Now as far as everyone’s friend Dan Davis.I am really going to miss you, you are a true newsman & a true American. I hope you are able to enjoy all of your life without the CEO syndrome.
    There are a few people that I would like to see gone. I really miss Jodi Applegate, I watch her every morning when I go to my daughters house to visit, she is still classy, which is something Tara could never be. I Love everyone else in the morning. Do not be so secretive about your people leaving before you lose all of your viewers. Do not lose Passmore or it is all over.,,or Brittney, or April, or G.G. or Olivia or Gibby or Bruce or Lisa, or anyone else in the morning(cept Tara)

  83. Renee Gorman says:

    I’m done with Channel 3. That’s it – no more!

  84. Allison says:

    If they were going to let anyone go it should have been Javier. They talk about “Arizona’s Family” but he’s not a part of things around here. When the Cardinals were bringing AZ together by winning games and going to the SuperBowl he was talking about the Cowboys! They even sent him to coer the fans at the airport and he was boosting the Cowboys. Sheesh! Ship him to Dallas.

  85. Ms Sue says:

    seriously, who is making these decisions. it makes more sense for them to lay off people who cannot get through a news cast without sayin a, um, um, um and forgeting what the hell shes taking about. Patty Kirkpatirck!

  86. Scott says:

    Ever since channel 3 changed format and moved people around and brought in new people, they screwed up the chemistry of the perfect morning, afternoo news shows. Taking Brad away from weather and just puttiong him in little if any news reports, and taking Scott Passmore off the afternoon show was a huge mistake, I cant even sit through it, and they dropped it from an hour to a half hour show. The weekend guy they brought in to replace Scott was a very bad choice he is a nice guy but weekends is where he should of stayed , he has the personality of a shoe. The only new person I do like that they have broughtin is Olivia who fits right in with the family, but not any more with Dan & Brad gone. Sorry but for over 10 years I watched in the mornings and listened in the afternoon on my fm/tv radio. It has just gone bad, like channel 3 dumping their so called family, I have now switched to Fox 10.

  87. Mo says:

    I quit watching AZ Family morning news when Brad Perry came onto the show. It wasn’t news anymore, just silliness. I think he will be surprised that he can’t sing and he isn’t funny. Time to get a real job Brad.

  88. Scott says:

    Get rid of Tara & bring back Heather Moore at least she is nice to look at and doesnt look like she is stuck in the 80s.

  89. tony says:

    I am sad to see Brad and Dan leave the station. I really enjoyed both of them i the mnornings and actually look forward to viewing on Ch 3. I think BELO did not think this one through. I have talk to at least 30 of my friends and we all agree that we are going to switch stations. I know we are in hard times but you should never get rid of your “bread and butter” or “Brad and Dan.” BELO you can thank yourself for this bad decision and the loss of dedicated viewers like me and my fellow CH 3 audience. And one more question? what happen to tenor and senoriety? is the other weather girl cheaper to keepher? Brad and Dan, we miss you and god bless! T in Buckeye

  90. Jodi says:

    Brad and Dan…you will be missed. I wish you all the best in your new adventures. Hopefully I will see you on another station. Mornings will not be the same without you!!!!

  91. Cin says:

    I have watched channel 3 for over 13 years faithfully…. I can’t stand Tara… get rid of her and save $$$$….Yes Brad was silly but sometimes that is just what we need….And for Dan…. It was time for him to go….. but he deserved better than that…From this point on I will be searching for a new morning station…. The only reason I watched was for Brad….. How did April replace him….. She wears that same black jumper every week….. boring!!!! What a waste……..

  92. Steph says:

    I have been a loyal fan of Good Morning Arizona for a very long time. The reason why I have watched 3 TV is because they share the news like a family member and not some clinical rendition like the other stations. I look forward to the fun places and stories that Brad shares. I thought of Brad like a big brother. Getting rid of Dan cuts out the connection that older viewers had. You had a good mix of ages and personalities that reached out to all of us. Now, rather than find creative ways to cut back you slashed and cut out the heart of your programming. So you may have saved a buck but at what cost? I think that you are in business to inform the public. But you won’t be in business at all if we all change and watch another station for our news. We watched your broadcast because of the FAMILY atmosphere. Now that you have changed all that, I guess your station is no longer special. You only thought about bottom line and money and not your audience. Perhaps you are counting on time causing us all to forget. But you don’t forget family! You are either Arizona’s family or you are not. Shame on you for casting out part of our family so quickly. It just shows me that you do not handle your finances well, as you are not able to weather this financial storm. You point the finger at others who are being foreclosed on but you are no better as you obviously
    over spent your budget and didn’t plan for long term. You have lost a viewer that has watched since Good Morning Arizona first started. I know this means nothing to you, as you have already made your decision, but I am also sure that the trend of losing viewers will continue. You have made the WRONG decision to put money before quality and loyalty. What ever happened to standing by long time valued employees? We are asked to be loyal to who we work for and to work as a family and give 110%. But when things get tough, rather than pull together, management all too quickly, nationwide, chooses to do what seems easiest, which appears to be just cut people off and discard them. Again, SHAME ON YOU! You have lost me as a viewer forever! I will make sure that others do the same.

  93. Carmela says:

    What a sad day for the AZ family. I can’t believe that Dan won’t be there anymore. He IS Mr. Channel 3. Maybe Obama will bail Channel 3 out and we can get Brad and Dan back. Yeah, right……………..and I have ocean front land for sale in Arizona.

  94. steve says:

    Good riddance.Just a bunch of namedroppers over there.

  95. Joy says:

    I’ll not be watching this channel anymore–you could easily get rid of Tara, and probably save some cash.

  96. Belinda says:

    Brad provided so much laughter many mornings at my worokplace. We will miss him very much and I’m sure you will to when you get the results of your next ratings period. You may be saying that we all need to “Get a Life”. Problem is we all have a life, we just chose to include Arizona’s Family in it. Now there’s nothing that makes you stand out from the other stations. GOODBYE!!!

  97. ronburgandy says:

    Hey, it’s happening across the county…get over it people. Life will go on, they’ll get jobs somewhere else, people will forget. This is Phoenix a large TV market with other avenues…these eyes are dry and I’ll bet so are those who have lost their jobs! People are rediculus!

  98. Roxi says:

    Goodbye Channel 3. Your morning show is done. Fox 10 news in the morning will now be getting all the ratings they deserve!! Cory McCloskey ROCKS!!!

  99. Darlene says:

    Huge mistake channel 3. You got rid of the people who made you what you were. Tara sucks and April has no personality. I like Scott, Olivia and Bruce, however, because of your stupidity you’ve lost me as a viewer after 9 years of loyalty.

  100. Rosemarie says:

    I am sad that they got rid of Dan because he was the man. They should of got rid of Tara and her FUNKY feathered hair that she’s had for all the years I’ve been watching. I bet you ROLF’s scissors are trembling to chop that funky feather that got her married. I remember watching Channel 3 on Valentines day when Tara was only engaged, lipping “I Love you” to her fiance, while Dan was speaking….I was apalled. I’m sure many were too! How unprofessional! As for Brad, GREAT choice! We watched his kid at DayCare and he is GROUCHY and RUDE. He goes on the news and acts like he is Mr. Personality and Fun Guy. How Phony is that! I think Channel 3 needs New Fresh faces. Scott Pasmore is FULL of himself! Why does Tara have so much pull?? They may as well take off Tara and replace her with the Queen of Clean! She’s looking HOTT these days and her hair is far more updated than Tara’s!! Since we’re at it, have the Garden Guy replace Scott…he’s way cuter and younger looking!!!! GET RID OF TARA! As for her and her many vacations, I love it. She is stuck in a TIME WARP!!!! If anyone know Rolf please tell him to remake Tara over. Channel 10 all the way Baby. We love Rick D’Amico & Ron Hoon!!!

  101. Beth Allen says:

    Hi! Has anyone ever noticed Tara constantly blinks her eyes and cannot look into the camera for long without looking down?? I’m a pharmacist and this concerns me.

  102. Drew Dawg says:

    WHY???????????????????? Now, why watch this morning show? They were all family and I believe this was a huge mistake. Bring them back, or I promise and can read that News Channel 3 is going to go down the drain for these losses. Please bring back.-

  103. KellyB says:

    Sad for Arizona Family. I loved Brad and Dan and looked forward to their antics. I too will be watching a different morning show and changing my homepage from!

  104. JJ says:

    Really? This is a surprise to people? I thought both Brad and Dan were a waste on the morning show! Brad was ridicilous each morning! He was a joke…he was often unprofessional, stammered every day on his live shoots and said the same thing every day no matter who he was interviewing…

    Dan’s Segment and Dan’s Friends was silly as well. I wish them luck but I think it is the best for the morning show!

  105. Mickey Wright says:

    I have watched channel 3 since moving to the vally 10 years ago, and there is no news channel like them. Losing the two main ingrediants to the morning show is disheartening. I will now be searching channels 5, 12, 15, and Fox to see where I’m switching too. Good Luck Dan and Brad, between brads humor and Dans hometown traits, they will be missed.


  106. Lori A says:

    I am so sorry to hear this news. Like several other responses, I too shall now be searching for a different news channel. I enjoyed Brad for his humor and Dan was always sharing something interesting. They both helped to make it a “happy” show to watch in the morning. I wish them both the best of luck!

  107. Fred M says:

    It’s simple I will start watching channel 10 after years of loyalty to channel 3. If they cannot be loyal to their people I will not watch

  108. Cecil M says:

    Belo needs to change their slogan from “Arizona’s Family” to “What the heck- family can always be broken up- check out our divorce rate in this country” What a shame that Dan and Brad were sacraficed for the betterment of the Corporate wallet. Too bad we need to explain to our children that those family members who had been with us for 11 and 26 years outlived their usefulness.
    I now feel that since Belo has shown no loyalty to MY TV family – I too will lay them off my TV and be switching to Channel 10. Show not as good but maybe they will pick up both Brad and Dan and show BELO what loyalty looks like

  109. arthur says:

    guess its time for a different channel

  110. hornett says:

    Brad was a joke……annoying, irritating, good choice to boot him.
    Dan……..hahahaha,,,,,,,any idiot can read stuff from web sites……..good choice to boot him too.
    Now, get rid of that mouthy Tara

  111. steve says:

    Scott is always bragging about who he knows, and Tara has a hard time working 15 hours a week.

  112. Cortez Blue says:

    It is about time that 3tv got rid of Brad Perry, what a worthless smuck. He TRIED to be a funny guy and then was pissed when he was TRYING to be a singer, what a laugh, and no one took him serious, including his own team.

    Brad belongs with Tim and Willy, part of a no talent crew, however I doubt he will be able to get another job in Phoenix.

    Brads biggest joke! When he took an image of Che Guivera(SP) and implanted his face into the image. What an idiot, probably has no idea who Che Guivera(SP) is.

  113. Big A says:

    Brad just released a cd “lifes good” the irony is thick. I heard his singing on the radio. The old saying popped in my head “keep your day job” again the irony!! ya i know i should keep my day job!! again the irony I wish them well though Brad did sometimes seem bored and kind of made you think he was looking for the better deal. 26 years for dan he will be missed. I agree Tara is he the one that i do not care for. Best of luck to all in these tough times. keeping a job in these tough times is something that we the worker cannot control.

  114. Sue Sarns says:

    Will not watch channe 3 anymore

  115. vaughn & Betty says:

    It has been over a week now and I have to tell you that you guys tore a hole right out of the middle of your show. We sure miss Dan and Brad and so do the left over family of Arizona. Obviously family has a different definition for TV3 than most other people Man, it is like you took a wrecking ball to that show.The bestbpart for me is that my wife Betty will not get up so early to watch the show now. I think TV3 will loose more profit by pulling this stunt. You might as well sold the channel. Nothing to sell now. What were you thinking. Fire the guy who came up with this idea if you wanted to save money.This move is like the ones the owners of the Diamondbacks made and you see what happened to them.
    From Disappointed Family,
    Vaughn & Betty

  116. Annie O. says:

    Wow. We have been faithful Ch 3 viewers for years and will truly miss Dan Davis. He had a Midwestern charm that we enjoyed. Brad was funny up until a few years ago, and then he became arrogant boob.

    I doub’t we’ll continue watching Ch 3. News is news and we can get the information anyplace–

  117. Mel says:

    I feel for Dan. 26 years and he has to go out on that kind of a note. I hope he finds another channel to go to, preferably channel 10. I have watched 3 for many years but now it seems that there is nobody there who really can hold the audience. Brad was good until a few years ago. Too many people I know thinks he’s an arrogant jerk and after watching him more closely on air I picked that up too. I guess Fox 10 will be on my tv in the morning now. Too bad, I once was a loyal viewer.

  118. AnnieC says:

    I am truely sad to see Dan Davis go. News is news, I watch it every morning before work. I looked forward to Dan’s sigment around 6:50a.m, every day, he brings alittle joy to a very unhappy news report. Makes Channel 3 news just like the rest, not worth watching now.

  119. Rob says:

    Was never a fan of either one. Dan’ segment was a waste of time in the morning. I had already seen many of his “stories” on the web. Brad was decent, but not a reason to watch the show. I agree with many, that the person that NEEDS to go is Tara. They already have two lower paid (I assume) people on staff. Scott is worth keeping around also. Now just if they would focus on the evening news and Carey Pena I would be happy.

  120. Susy Fields says:

    I was never a fan of Dan Davis, he drove me crazy with his 30 second laughter on demand. When Brad Perry joined Channel 3 (from Chicago) a wanne be weatherman, (with so manny errors) I knew his time with Channel 3 would be limited. Once Brad Perry was ousted to do tid bid news info’s, I know it was just a matter of time before Cannel 3 would be send him packing too.(back to Chicago) Now Tara is a different story, she is clever and smart no matter what announcement she makes,from news to sports she makes it interesting for anyone watching her. Scott Pasmore is OK and should be kept on. I remember Scotty when he had his hair transplant and a failed marriage, but what the heck, a lot of people had that.. I guess that’s been quite a few years ago, well that’s how long I’ve been watching Channel 3 at 5:00 am in the morning. For what it’s worth, I like my Channel 3 News Station

  121. Katy says:

    I hate to see anybody lose a job, but I always wondered why Dan Davis was on the air. He contributed nothing except his opinion…which was worth nothing. I will miss Brad’s laid-back reporting style; he always appeared to make everybody feel at ease. I wish them both well. There are still too many people on the show and some of them are probably over-paid.

  122. Larry says:

    I only watch GMA as I’m in and out of the room while getting going in the morning and it just dawned on me that Brad Perry and Dan Davis were missing. I hate to see anyone lose their job, even in good times, but it happens I guess. But Brad Perry was never any good and shouldn’t have ever been part of the show. I’ve heard it described as a “verbal tic” like “ya know” or “ya know what I’m sayin” but Perry’s use of “cool”, or “of course” or “pretty much” drove me crazy. I wish him luck but if he plans on going back on TV sometime, I suggest he go back to school and take some courses on grammar and professionalism. He obviously never prepared for his segments, was far too much into himself and mostly came off as a buffoon. I sort of felt he was on his way out when April came on and he was kept out of the studio. As for Dan, I didn’t mind him at all even though his part of the show seemed to be a little hicky compared to the rest. I hope you do well in the future though. You seem like a good guy and obviously have TV skills. Tara…I love anyone who laughs easily, even at themselves. You must be fun to be around because I think you’ve got a great “gotcha” aspect to your personality. You’re pretty, obviously smart and up to speed on a variety of topics and present yourself very well so I hope you’ll always be there. Scott…you also come off well (for a biker dude…I ride also). A keeper. Olivia…I do like you but I could do with a little less of the overly toothy look. April…I like you too. You seem very genuine and do a good job. So much better than your predecessor. And Javier…you look good, seem to prepare well enough for your segments, but could you please take a shot of Red Bull or Jolt Cola before you go on. You sound like you’re running at about 31RPM. I don’t know if that means anything to all of you who are of the modern CD, MP3, iPod age. Just try to t a l k a l i t t l e f a s t e r. Two questions–What’s with Bruce Haffner on the ground and whatever happened to Terry O? I’m a snowbird and something always seems a little different each time I return.

  123. Jan says:

    Yes what Is with Bruce being on the ground??Anyone know the answer?I will miss Dan.Good luck to both men.

  124. Joanne says:

    Have been out of town and was shocked to hear just this morning that Brad Perry and Dan Davis were no longer with Channel 3. Feels like a death in the family. I am so sorry to see them gone. Channel 3 just won’t be the same without them and I will just have to find another channel to watch the early morning news.

  125. mary s. scott says:

    first of all to nick the president & manager 3tv belo. as i wher reading the comments of dthers. about brad & dan. i to hated to see them get layed off. i miss them both. i said that i was going to stop watching 3tv. but i changed my mined. exspedialy sence i read some of these horribel comments about tara brad & dan. tara & these guys are good. to all of you brad perry & dan davis hatters.GIVE ME A BRAKE how dare say brad was a joke. & dan did nothing. i have you know i love to hear him do thoese stories. & yes brad could read the tempher. sometimes when he was on live shots he wouldent be close to a monitor. he had his own unice way of doing weather. april is good but brad was better i personely thank it was some nasty comments that was said about tara dan & brad. i thank that tara is a beatuful woman. so leave her hair alone. if that,s the way she wonts to whear hair then so be it. there is nothing wrong with her hair.& no they dont need to let her dr scott go. i still watch 3 tv because of tara scott olivia & bruce. a viewer from buckeye az.

  126. Eva Vascassenno says:

    Signing OFF Channel 3!!
    I thought they were on vacation. What a shame. disappointment and mistake!!
    The whole reason I watched the GMA. Now some boring following of Bruce in a van, NO THANK YOU!!

    Let me know when BELO wakes up and brings them back. Until them no more GMA for me.

  127. Linda says:

    Tthe Queen Of Clean needs to go.
    She was horribly arrogant and rude to me when I used to do customer service for a major appliance corp.

    She kept destroying the inner tubs on her washer by corroding the porcelain finish with vineagar and then calling us demanding free replacements or else she would bad rap the company on local television.

  128. Jan Russell says:

    What a sin. Why not get rid of Patti K. She is outdated.


  129. Debbie says:

    The only good thing about channel 3 and the only reason I watched was because of Brad & Dan. I also loved Beth and Bill and they’ve gone to Channel 10. Why would you get rid of a man (Brad) whose is so entertaining to watch and just made me laugh. He was the real star of Channel 3 and I will not watch Channel 3 anymore. I truly believe Channel 3’s ratings will definately go down because of there stupidity. My new station is Channel 10.
    I hope Channel 10, 12 or 15 takes them on. They are awesome & will be missed by many people.
    I hope your reading all these messages Channel 3. What a stupid thing you did.

  130. monica says:


  131. robert clark says:

    You should have gotten rid of Tara Hichcock and that dumb broad Patti Kilpatrick before Brad and Dan. My wife and I have watched your news show for over 18 years. Never again. Channel 3 can kiss our ass

  132. Karen says:

    I have watched Good Morning Arizona since I moved here from Wisconsin and Brad and Dan have been a breath of fresh air to that show all along. Their hearts were always in it. I was wondering why they kept adding more people to the show when they should have just kept with the smaller crew. Once they find out they have too many…get rid of the best??? WRONG… I won’t be supporting Channel 3 news any longer…the other stations will fill the void just fine!

  133. Larry says:

    I’m laughing so hard after reading Mary S. Scotts comments of March 28th I can hardly type. It’s a good thing she didn’t run her comments through spell check or her computer would have gone up in smoke. It must be a joke. Nobody could be that bad. But maybe she never went to school or has never seen a dictionary. But while I’m at it, to add to my comments of March 27th, please keep Patti K because she’s such a trip and give me more Beverly Kidd. She’s a doll. I’d like to see her on the morning show.

  134. Anthony says:

    Anyone heard if Dan Davis has spoken publicly about his layoff? A fan in San Antonio (yep) enemy Spurs country…

  135. whimz says:

    About time!!! I moved to AZ in 99′ from back east. I could not believe the frivolous, meaningless banter going on with this channel. I couldn’t stand to watch it. Like who cares where you went to eat last night, or what your kids or family are doing. Come on people out there, get a life. Living vicariously through the morning knuckleheads is sad. I prefer my news straight, no yuck yuck and cutesy stuff of no meaning to my day. If I want that, I’ll watch the comedy channel. Also, Tara, come one get a professional wardrobe. When I happen to stop on 3 by accident, your always wearing some flouncy top with big patterns or something garrish that is not appropriate for credability. Well, today, you did have a suit on. Gotta say, even channel 12 is heading into the cutesy arena. Even the Today show. I tend to watch more CNN these days for news. Then turn it off and have a real life with people who I am really interested in at finding out where they had dinner the night before!!!!

    Not a fan of fluff.

  136. Dan says:

    Why on earth would they lay off the two best people they had?
    I seriously think they have been infiltrated and the owners are trying to make the station fail, which it will without Dan and Brad.
    Seems everyone agrees with me based on all the comments.
    I also will not be watching 3 anymore either.
    When the digital transition rolls around, they should just stop broadcasting.

  137. Larry says:

    The answer as to why Bruce is on the ground is they sold the 3TV chopper. Bruce is now relegated to camera shots and short news items. He a ground pounder now.

  138. cary gamble says:

    the guys in the suits screwup again, they could’nt just ask eveyone to take a temorary pay cut so they could hold on to the family mrmbers??? morning at channel 3 is just not the same. they could of gotten rid of a couple suits and given everyone a raise. just a case of not thinking it out but listining to the bean counter that know nothing of the business. Bye brad and dan you will be missed and thought of. bye cary

  139. boingo says:

    To Mary S. Scott: Thanks for showing us which demographic found Brad and Dan appealing.

  140. BradandDanSuck! says:

    Are you kidding me, Brad Perry and Dan Davis were the most unprepared I have ever witnessed. I will even go to the depths of saying how bad they suck, Brad especially. He is not even close to being funny and it was embarrasing watching him being unprepared in live shots. Elaborate? Every single time he had to ask his interviewer what their name was, where they were, not to mention mispronouncing it every time. As a matter of fact I heard he was getting fired a long time ago. So to back up my response, do you think multi million dollar companies are going to let good people go, of course not. In this economic downtown, who goes first……..THE WORST! Thank god they got rid of them. They were horrible

  141. Robert&Pam says:

    It is sad to hear that Dan and Brad will not be with 3tv, the place with no stuff without those 2 and what is up with Bruce. We do not see him much anymore. I feel they gave both if not all the ax because they make more then the rest. Real sad for the company to take out of the picture what made them money. Good luck to all. Think we all going to need it

  142. 3 TV Fan says:

    I am a fan of 3TV.. Brad contributed nothing to the show. I wont have to change channels now that he is gone. Dan contributed little in his slowing age. I wonder why they keep Patti…. I like the rest, but the morning crew was overstaffed and getting out of touch. Hopefully it was a wakeup call to the rest of the ones slacking.

  143. KATHY says:


  144. Larry says:

    Hey Boingo,
    Re: Mary S. Scott
    cudent hav sed it beter mysef. Wonder if she nose whut we meen. Hope she rites som mor tho. She duz hit the nale on the hed. In her opinyun at leest.

  145. KATHY says:


  146. Kevin W. says:

    It’s about time. This was a smart business decision. Dan Davis contributed very little to the program. How difficult is it to hold up newspaper headlines and scroll the Internet. That’s top notch journalism. Brad Perry was amusing at first but his routine got old, quick. Channel 3 still needs to make more layoffs before it can compete in the Arizona market.

  147. Bill says:

    They should have let Tara go, she’s never there anyway. They must’ve mothballed Bruce’s copter, cause he is doing the traffic from ground level now

  148. Kris says:

    I heard these guys couldn’t even clean their desks out. How humiliating. I cannot believe Patty Kirkpatrick is still there considering she cannot get through a sentence without a stumble. Definitely the worst anchor I’ve ever listened to. Boycott Channel 3!!!

  149. Buh bye Channel 3 says:

    Well, I have faithfully watched channel 3 in the morning since 1996 when I moved here. There have been changes over the years here and there, but nothing this major. I am now tuning to FOX. AZFAMILY my ass. There are plenty of other changes that could have been made. This was the wrong one. I only watched the morning show and occasionally if I am home the mid-day because Scott is on it. But NEVER the evening shows!! The anchors are horrible!!! Where do they find these bumbling idiots? If they needed to cut costs due to the economy perhaps they should have considered cutting some of the evening anchors and moving Dan and Brad to the evening news. Perhaps they would have better ratings at night and someone may even watch the evening news!!! What a stupid move BELO!!!!

  150. pat says:

    You should have keep brad he made your show, I will be not watch Az 3 ever again, bad move.

  151. Kay says:

    I cannot believe they got rid of Dan, he was great and really added to the stiffness and boredom of Tara and Scott. I hit the mute button for Tara, she has always been too full of herself. I thought she would never shut up about her wedding. Patti needs to go, I don’t even watch that news cast anymore and I don’t like Beverly either. Let Tess, Cary Pena and the minor players do the major broadcasts. By the way, why did Britney and Beverly get hair extensions so they can look alike. Has anyone heard of individualism at that station? I have watched Channel 3 for the past 25 years, not anymore. I have gone to Channel 12.

  152. just tonight i was on the internet. looking at some videos wher brad was on location. on march 9th & 10th, at mccormic stilman railroad park. & castles & coasters. i dont care what larry, & the other cridics say. brad did a good job with thoes interviews. & for your information MR, LARRY yes i did go to school & YES i have seen, a dictionary THANK YOU SIR. i hope they let dan & brad, come back to 3tv.

  153. Gigi says:

    I have been out of the states and didn’t know until today what happened to Brad and Dan. I am done with Channel 3. I would rather see Tara go than these two who contributed much more to the morning show. Enought said. Channel 12 looks mighty good….

  154. Larry Stone says:

    What a crock! Spose Bruce will be stuck showing computer animation for now on? !!!!. Will they do away with chopper three?….I’ll miss you Brad and Dan…The owners should be ashamed….good bye channel three…

  155. Priscilla says:

    This is horrible news!! Brad and Dan are awesome. Now Patty do you even see how many mistakes she makes? Brad rocked he had a extraordinary personality that made you laugh and want to watch. I think I’ll change news stations this just sucks!

  156. Grandma Vera and Friend Alice says:

    We love watching Channel 3 but now it’s not the same without Brad and Dan. Why make the layoffs on the front lines? These are the people that bring us the news, that keep our attention, that make us laugh and keep us tuning in day after day. We are very disappointed with your decision to make cuts like this especially when your jingle is “Arizona’s Family”what family? Give us a BREAK!

  157. Donna says:

    I was wondering what was going on with Brad and Dan. So, they are both gone and Bruce has lost his chopper, too! How do they expect us to continue to watch 3TV when there isn’t enough left to watch. I feel really sorry for the crew that is left, but obviously BELO doesn’t care who they let go and how it affects viewership.I, too, have watched since the 80’s when Patti Kirkpatrick and Cater Lee were on at 5:00pm. I am one of the many who will move over to another station, although, I HATE the other stations in the morning. 3TV is on in my house day and night and I will miss the comadre between the crew. I was one of the viewers who enjoyed watching the news on COX14 24 hours a day. They changed the overnight news into Infomercials for awhile, but now I see the news is back on. I am really going to miss 3TV.It was a staple in my family’s lives. I especially liked Brad Perry and had the chance to meet him. I will definetly miss the GameDay visits during football season. I’m really mad. Goodbye Channel 3 news..

  158. libbylou says:

    I quit watching GMAZ when Tara’s attitude, voice and personality became a bit over the top. I would have been back as a loyal viewer if Tara had been laid off.
    Good luck to Dan & Brad.

  159. KIm says:

    Good luck to Dan and Brad we will miss you. I was a faithful watcher of channel 3. Not anymore. Good-bye channel 3. Hello channel 10

  160. Sue says:

    Get rid of Tara too, not an interesting person…I’ve moved on to other channels long ago…

  161. Judy says:

    I know Im not part of the important demographic. However GMAZ has started my mornings since Jodi Applegate walked onto the unfinished set and started this show. I still worked full time then but watched as long as I could getting ready for work. Dan Davis and Brad Perry were the heart and soul of this show. When others left for their own reasons it was sad,Marty,Terri O, and of course Jodi to name a few. So now I watch channel 12 for the national Today
    show. Ill miss Scott and Olivia also” the Queen”. Guess I’ve lived to long because I remember when companies cared about there employees and their
    customers. We Viewers have no say in programing But I did change the channel.

  162. leftboston says:

    Good luck and good fortune to Brad and Dan. Sorry to see them go. TV and Radio are harsh business’ to work in even in good times. I watch channel 3 because it did seem like a family and it was a fun show. With respect to Patty making mistakes, I think the production staff at KTVK has a lot to be desired. They leave on air staff looking like boobs when video doesn’t cue or the wrong video rolls behind voice overs. The reason I stopped watching Channel 12 news was the way they canned staff and never announced changes. Seemed cold. Good luck to all people laid off by BELO.

  163. well i will, say this. i love channel 10 news, & channel 3 news. even thoe dan & brad is gone. i still like tara scott bruce, & javier & olivia. so here is what, i do now. about that matter, i have two tv,s one in my bed room, & one in the living room. i have one on channel 3, & the other one on channel 10. because i also ron hoon, rick de,meago & alexis. & the weather guy coary. that way i dont miss out on either one. i just wont, to say good luck to brad & dan, where ever you are.

  164. SNOWBIRD says:


  165. Mary says:

    I was terribly shocked and totally disappointed that Belo let Dan Davis go!! Dan, Tara, Scott , April, Olivia, Gibby etc……. make mornings worth waking up to. I am sorry to say that my husband and I will be trying channel ten , because we cannot stand to watch channel 3 without Dan. Dan if you’re reading this, please know that we wish you the very best, and if you sign on with another station we will watch!! God Bless and take care.

  166. Denise says:

    To tell you the truth, I did not even realize they were gone., and I watch Channel 3 EVERY MORNING!!!!! I do (rather did) like the family atmosphere – but to be honest, I do not see where either Dan or Brad earned their salares. They almost seemed like lost souls, and Belo just kept finding work for them to do – or at least places where they could show their faces. My best to both gentleman as this enconomy is not very friendly to the unemployed.

    By the way – what happened to Bruce’s helicopter- he seems so lost in the truck!!!

  167. DON says:

    BELO wil never admit they made a mistake firing Brad and Dan, they are a news
    agency and you see what’s happening to all of them except FOX. Print and TV news are stubborn and don’t listen to their and readers and viewers. I will be watching Channel 10 from now on. I hope Dan and Brad got a good severance for their loyal years of service. I HOPE WE WILL BE SEEING DAN AND BRAD ON

  168. B J Cook says:

    I also hated to see Dan and Brad go. I have to tell you though that I can not start my morning without seeing what kind of outfit Tara will be wearing. Olivia , April and Brittney all so classy. Tara is stuck in the hippie era. I lived in that era and I moved on. Now Olivia is leaving……..I know she will do GREAT in Vegas. Good luck.

  169. Lynnie says:

    I noticed Dan and Brad had not been on the show and thought that maybe they were on vacation (someone is always on vacation). I’m very sad to find out that they are gone, especially Brad. But I had noticed that they were featuring Brad less and less lately. I’ll miss Brad very much. I looked forward every morning to see what he was up to. He always managed to make me smile and on numerous occasions, laugh out loud, which is a great way to start the day. I also am not a fan of the new format they started today. Much too steril, like every other news show. I’m not the kind of person that can’t embrace change, but GMAZ has lost its appeal. I cannot continue to watch. The fun is gone and I’m guessing that the adlibs and banters will soon be gone as well. Goodbye GMAZ, it was great while it lasted. I’ll miss you.

  170. Marie says:

    The news is a joke. It’s not news, it’s comedy hour. Good job to get rid of Brad. He was an idiot.
    The number one person they should’ve axed though is Patti Kirkpatrick. I cant handle watching the nighly news on 3tv. I am convinced she cant say one paragraph without a mess up!

  171. Saddened says:

    I was worried that Dan and Brad had been let go as I had not seen them lately; I checked online and found out it was true. It is sad that it appears we have no loyalty in companies any longer. I too have watched Channel 3 for over 20 years and it was because of the “Family” atmosphere the morning show exhibited and the not all news format that I tuned in everyday; which I found refreshing and humerous and a great way to start to my mornings. The other morning shows always seemed to irritate me and try to copy Channel 3s format without success. Now it won’t be so hard for them to copy. I feel like I am watching an amateur start-up show these days and it is rediculous to have Bruce running around in a truck trying to act like the technology they have is the latest and greatest. Unbelievable!! (At least he is giving it the old college try). I will miss Dan and Brad and the show’s format that proved to be so successful over the years. It is a shame; Belo could have left the original crew on until they either retired or died and the loyal viewers would have continued to tune in and continued to make them the No. 1 morning show in AZ. I doubt that will be the case any longer and I am sorry that upper management or Corporate Execs once again make uninformed decisions with a spreadsheet and a marker. Talk to the people; ask your viewers (your bread and butter) what they want to see and you will be successful. How do you think you lasted this long? I hope Belo sees the error of their ways and brings them back and apologizes to the community for being clueless; but I thnk we stand a better chance of seeing some popular guys (brad & Dan) find new jobs, hopefully here in AZ where we can continue to enjoy them. You were both loved and enjoyable to thousands and you will be missed!

  172. Anitra says:

    Well, I finally had to check what was up with the morning show and sad that I did. I was having Brad and Dan withdrawals. Seeing them every morning gave a person an upbeat attitude for the long day ahead. Not to say I don’t like Bruce, but what is up with that segment these days and why not in the chopper, isn’t he a pilot. Why did he not get laid off since it seems the chopper is grounded? Just my opinion, but I will start watching another channel, if not for anything else but the news itself. Thanks for the memories Brad and Dan, you are missed.

  173. Rich says:

    Belo you got your head stuck up your ass. If your company is in financial trouble, then cut the salaries at the top and get rid of all the DEAD pimps there first. I bet you could save millions and not have to screw up us locals. Better yet, get rid of the bean counters. Then fire yourself! You lost another viewer. Miss you D & B

  174. KC says:

    But They Had The Money To Redo The Studio…Which I Don’t Like
    Wow Some Peoples Priorities

  175. AZFAMILYSUCKS says:

    Belo is a texas white run news agency that got rid of the minorities first. Same why texas based company bought out 92.3 FM Trance radio station and made it 10 years old hip station in phoenix. its all part of the transforming Arizona into Texas or redneck place. Conservative people suck.

  176. john says:


  177. john says:


  178. john says:


  179. Pat Bitzer says:


    WHY NOT JUST FIRE SOME OF THE MANAGEMENT TEAM. THAT WOULD HAVE MADE MORE SENSE! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

  180. kcinmesa says:

    I just don’t think I can watch channel 3 anymore, at least not good morning arizona!!! I won’t miss the lawyer commercials, they show too many anyways, but this just sucks!!! Good Luck Dan & Brad. I’ll miss seeing brad do the perry. LOL

  181. Stacy says:

    I had not seen Brad and Dan for a while and just thought they might have been on vacation. Then realized it had been too long for them to just be on vacation. They will be extremely missed. I DO NOT LIKE THE NEW SET, BELO wasted too much money on it when they should have kept Brad and Dan instead. I DO NOT LIKE GOOD MORNING ARIZONA like I used too. It is looking like alot of the other news shows. Do not enjoy watching it any more because something is missing and not just the people. Guess I will have to find another news station to watch in the morning after being a fan for 15+yrs. I wonder how many viewers BELO will loose before they realize what BIG MISTAKES they are making.

  182. TC says:

    I totally agree with Stacy. The morning show has no personality anymore.
    When Tara said on Monday that they were trying to be more professional
    that is why they are no longer in the red chairs I thought, wow, channel 3
    is just like every other station now. I am so upset about the firing
    of Dan and Brad and now the ones left on the morning show have
    no pizazz. To let 2 fun personalities go and keep Patty, Olivia and some
    of the other almost all women news station was a very big mistake.
    If I hear Patty say Uh, uh one more time I’m going to throw up. The
    powers that be at this station really did make a HUGE MISTAKE on
    letting this station, that has been number 1 for so long, slip now way
    down the line. Hope they are happy with letting things go.

  183. Maceo says:

    Too bad. Brad cracked me up all the time. One of the main reasons I watched. May just switch now. Scott and Olivia are ok to watch. Tara gets under my skin and, and her interrupting, and over-talking make me want to scream. The lightness and fun have definately left eh show. Goodbye AZ Family! IT was fun while it lasted.
    P.S. The new set BLOWS.

  184. Teddy says:

    I agree that Ch 3 made a big mistake. I’m back to watching Ch 5 in the mornings now. I know Tara is bright, but she acts like a ditz. I wasn’t sorry to see Olivia move on — too cutesy. Scott has been overlooked for a long time, in my opinion. Dan did great, down to earth interviews. Nothing irritates me more than interviewers who ask stupied questions (you know, like, “You just found out your husband has been killed – how do you feel?”). Yes, Brad was crazy and irreverent at times, but it started my day with a laugh and I’ll miss him most of all. No one could do Fridays at high schools like Brad! I, too, hope that they’re picked up by a better local station. Best of luck to you guys!!!

  185. Mark says:

    April Warneke is another one that is arrogant–on screen nice as can be–off screen I am surprised she doesnt drown in a rain storm. And dont expect her to show up on time for a shoot. Air-head.

  186. Brads&Dan's BFF says:

    I’m so sorry Brad and Dan are off the show. They were the main reason for watching GMAZ. Now Tara can go! She’s so arrogant(now that she’s married to money), she almost talks down to other people. I guess Scott’s ok, but he acts a little snobish too. I will miss Brad and Dan. Best of luck to you both.

  187. Sean says:

    Belo made a huge mistake. I have been a huge fan of channel 3 for twenty plus years. They have lost tons of viewers due to these changes. I can’t believe they kept Patti, she can’t anything straight. Damn! what a shame. I’m back watching the local news and it sucks, but whats that tell ya! I can’t believe they stuck a highly trained helicopter pilot on the side of I-10 in a van too. “Ridiculous” I bet the CEO still gets a nice paycheck!

  188. john says:


  189. john says:


  190. Bruce says:

    I would to say is surely will mis Dan Davis and Brad Perry.I have watched Channel 3 for 9 years I seen Brad go everywhere through out the Valley of the Sun and into California.Also seeing Brad host part of the first world series we all know we won it.I will say Brad I will be at my theatre when you come by Christown 14.

  191. Matthew says:

    Tara needed to go, not Dan and Brad. She is not funny, ugly, tries to be “hip and cool”.

  192. Matthew says:

    I also agree with the poster who said Tara is married to “money”. I was at the Zoo once and they closed off a section to the public just so her and KeNN (so cool needs two “N”‘s) could not be bothered. Pathetic. They also should have kept Kim Martinez, Beth Perry, Jana Wallis.

  193. Matthew says:

    Olivia moved to the evenings I think?? I like Bev so she can stay (obviously I am a guy and she’s hot so I am biased to her 🙂 ). Patti always seems drunk or high on pain-killers…”Ummm, Uh, Yeah the next Uh story…oh that camera over there??…”

  194. pat says:

    I stopped watching years ago because the lost Jody Applegate and their stupid slogan ” the place with more stuff “. My wife still watched and the slogan changed to ” the place with more news “. Now she watches 15 and their new slogan ? ” The Place With More Crap “. Adios A O ‘s

  195. mike says:

    Good news for fox 10, the place with more stuff has less stuff without Dan and and Brad.

  196. Judy says:

    What a big mistake and this is why I don’t watch Channel 3 anymore!
    Channel 3 has other employees they should have looked at first instead of Brad and Dan. Patti could not get through one news cast without messing up and the Ummm, Uh’s she does sucks the air right out of you. Thank goodness there are other stations to watch! See ya!

  197. Lori says:

    Stopped watching channel 3 a long time ago because of Tara. She talks too much, interrups people constantly, looks like she never got out of the 80’s with her big hair and stupid wardrobe, looks like she put her lipstick on in the car on the way to work, too much makeup, I could go on and on. But the main thing about Tara I despise is how she is always gone taking big, expensive trips and then when she returns, rubs it in everyones face. People need someone who is more humble, not someone who thinks she is “all that”. She needs to go. Reminds me of many years ago when I quit watching Regis and Kathi Lee, same thing. Kathi Lee and Tara are out of the same mold. How can they justify keeping Tara when she is gone more than she is on the air?

  198. Bill says:

    Dan was ok. I always changed the channel when Perry was on. I guess Im sad to see Olivia Fierro go. My co worker is friends with her husband who says a few months ago Olivia and Tara got in to it off air. Yes she does have a girly voice that got on my nerves but I loved looking at her. Tara and her hair must go!! BRING BACK APPLEGATE

  199. Robert Allen says:

    …..wait a minute…..wait…just….A…..minute! Getting rid of Brad and Dan would be like losing one of the Three Stooges….just doesn’t work. I didn’t know Olivia was gone but am glad, that forced laugh, etc…..not quite ready for primetime, IMHO. The others don’t “carry” the show by their collective selves, sorry Tara and Scott. Get rid of the weather girls, neither of whom are TV material anyway, eye candy value aside. I will still tune in once in a while tho…..

  200. john says:

    heard brad got hires at wienersnitzel cooking hot dogs for minimum wage.. all you whiners go visit him and see him working up to his full potential LMAO

  201. RonBush says:

    Dan ‘the chicken man” Davis finally got the boot. Along with his guitar playing Tim and willy wanabee sidekick B Perry.The man is a pathetic moron who got what he deserved. Dan “the chicken man.”……nuff said. I mean come on people, Its become a joke over there. From Hitchcocks Hair to Passmores Bad skin, need I say more? The show needs a total overhaul.

  202. Kitty says:

    I was totally devastated to hear that Brad and Dan were let go. I believe Belo made a serious error. Channel 3 used to be my favorite morning show and loved Brad and Dan and the humor they added. All of my WI visitors could not wait to come back yearly and watch them. Scott and Tara do a great job. Your evening reporting is not my favorite so I do not watch that. What about Britany???? Shouldn’t she go?
    Best of luck to Dan and Brad. I am watching to see where Dan is headed and I wish Brad success with his music career.

  203. Sherry says:

    was gone during the week that Dan & Brad were fired. noticed the changed set, and lack of Brad & Dan. Liked Dan’s reporting, Brad was dumb acting, and Tara needs to become a professional, stop straighting the papers all the time and KEEP HER MOUTH SHUT when others are talking, so rude, always interrupting others and turning talk to her. I The parts I like, Garden Guy, I watch on line, and the Queen of Clean too. Interesting how many people said they will stop watching, me included. The Blonde nees to go!

  204. Dave says:

    Holy smokes you people have a lot of time on your hands. Geez.

  205. Doug says:

    Where did Olivia Fierro go? Is she laid off too? And is Bruce ever going to get back in the air or is the “3 BIRD” gone.

  206. Robert&Pam says:

    Holy smokes Dave you have alot of time on your hands reading all those post. And yes where did Olivia go? I dont see her pic on 3tv website. Bummer another good person bit the dust. They have made a some real bad calls on who goes home.

  207. mike says:

    i think the bean counters @ Belo are a bunch of duche bags. keep Tara & get rid of Olivia ,dan & brad ? all i know is my mom is fricken pissed off big time!!

  208. Greg says:

    Get rid of Tara, looks like Nancy Dribble on King of the Hill with that hair.
    She is so full of herself.
    Im sad to see Olivia go…I talked to her once at Chandler mall…nice little lady

  209. Cherie says:

    Belo Board of Directors need to fire the management deicsion maker’s in letting Oliva go. We all understand the economic situation and it’s extremely difficult for both businesses and individuals needing to make tough decisions. But, what was the deicsion making process in letting Oliva go with that great big smile and always on her game? That would be like Phil Jackson letting go Kobe Bryant or Michael Jordan to lesser performers. I hope Oliva files a lawsuit for discremenation so Belo management is investigated based upon their decision to let her go.

  210. Jaymes says:

    Well, I really didn’t care for Brad Perry anyway. He needed to take speach leasons and never did. Dan Davis was great! I have watched him his entire career at News channel 3 and it is a huge loss to see him go. 10 or 11 years ago when Jody Applegate left the show it was NEVER really the same. Seemed to go down hill with Tera at the wheel. I do not like her. Seems like they hired a bunch of people who should not be doing the job as they are not very good. Bruce is awesome and turned out to be a a great pilot and traffic reporter, I like him. I liked Jerry Foster back when, but he couldn’t seem to stay out of trouble. Scott is fun to watch I hope they don’t let him go. They should have let go Tera and kept Dan but they did right by letting Brad go. Although Brad did have in my opinion the best job in the house but from watching and reading about him, he complained to much about his job.

  211. Jaymes says:

    Sheri, you are SOOOOOO right. My point excactly.

  212. TRINI says:


  213. Ray says:

    Can’t believe Dan is gone! Just got back into town. It must be because between Dan and Patti they couldn’t afford both, so they kept age and Money.

  214. Bob says:

    Phoenix is a major market. How can they continue to keep Bruce on the air. I’m sure he is a great helicopter pilot but, why is he an on-air talent. With the recent changes, after years of watching I am now switching the channel looking for something else.
    The females on the show remind me of the Seinfeld episode where are the waitresses at Monk’s had to have a certain “qualification.” Check it out…all but, April fall into that category.

  215. mae says:


  216. Nanette says:

    I agree about Tara..its always about her and her family(not us) her family! Olivia was an intelligent professional anchor.
    Paycuts would of been nice for these high paying jobs.Teahcers making 27,000 a year are being cut all over this state
    I have turned to the on line news

  217. Don alvarez says:

    Belo you have made a mistake these guys made a bad day with things in the world a little lighter. I sorry for them but the viewer will suffer more. I will look for another channel to lighten up the day. Maybe a channel in Tucson will be a little smarter and put them on the air.

  218. Stacy Casa Grande says:

    Been a viewer a long time. Definitely time for Dan to go. Although he’s been around a long time, he’s made quite a few on air mistakes which lead me to believe something’s going on with him. Brad Perry was a fun guy to watch but seemed interested in advertising himself to others. He was always networking himself for other opportunities. So in all probably good choices of letting go. However, Tara. Come on guys. She has got to go. I remember when Terri O’let(??) trained her to take over the am show. Tara is ruff. She is loud and obnoxious. Her face and hair are not the ideal role. Her voice is ingrating. Not a warm inviting personality. Olivia had it down. She was the “baby” of the channel 3 family. Her voice was warm and she had a real personality with the viewers.She was comforting to watch. She should come back and take over the morning show. Patti Kirkpatrick also needs to go. She is constantly making mistakes which makes viewers doubt the information coming from her. Can she read? or does she just not understand the news. April and Brittany were good additions. Both have warm personalities and nice to look at. Scott has a nice voice and good looks. Bruce is doing a nice job on the ground. Your saturday a.m. crew is doing a nice job as well.

  219. Michelle says:

    Where do I begin……….I am shocked that I will not be turning on Channel 3 in the morning and having Brad putting a big smile on my face….WOW, halloween will not be the same without Brad dressing up in a silly costume!!! Brad so connected with the audience on so many levels.
    What the blank is the matter with the owners of the company, they are idiots!!!! They could have cut back on there salaries so they could have kept Brad and Dan….seems to be how the times are, rich are getting richer and the middle class are suffering and the poorer are well, POOR.
    I have watched channel 3 since my husband and myself moved out here 12 years ago, and I have to say in protest I am going to have to start watching another news are going to lose a lot of viewers….I hope another station picks them up.
    From a long time fan, Michelle

  220. ME and MERB says:

    I agree with some of the other people. Tara is full of herself. Since she started at 3TV she belittled other anchors to get where she is today. Bring back Dan and lose Tara. She is just a spoiled little news anchor. Now that she has married into money her ego is bigger than ever. She also needs to stop the name dropping, everyone nows who she is. Bring back the family feeling that used to be at 3TV.

  221. Gina P says:

    Dan, Olivia, and Scott are the primary reasons I have continued to watch TV3 for as long as I have. Their interviewing skill are far superior to that of Tara. Dan’s neighborly personality, Olivia’s perkiness made me smile each morning. Scott, despite his obvious political bias, is affable enough.

    BTW, is there a reason for all of the technical glitches that go on each morning? Between lost video and lost audio, it is getting pretty annoying.

  222. i might add this…tid bit. for the past few weeks, i have been watching 3 tv just to see if belo will bring back brad & dan. but, obviously you are not. so that tell,s me that belo, doesent care about them. so like the other viewers, i made my switch to 10 arizona morning… hi…rick… ron…&…alixas. oh by the way, that new studio on channel 3 is not all that apealing. it,s to much like channel, 15 studio.

  223. Get Brad back. He is the face of Phoenix. Why do you think the Diamondbacks keep Burns. He is the face of the franchise. He put asses in the seats. You need a face of the station. Nothing against Tara but she can’t even pronounce names and has no idea what is going on around her. Scott you rock.

  224. Lori says:

    I feel the same why as all the other comments. I have watched News channel 3 for so many years in the morning. Brad Perry was my favorite. Could always put a smile on your face. How can they let someone go after 26 years of service. Dan was so good on the computer. Had such great stories to tell. I, as all the rest will be changing to Channel 10. Were you can get a smile on your face even tho you are watching the news. There may not be any more news channel 3 with what they have done. Really let go of a great Family. Lots of luck!!!!!
    P.S. Olivia was just as adorable. What a loss.

  225. mismicdar says:

    I will continue to watch 3TV in the morning because it is part of my routing and for the last three years – it’s just my thing. It is sad however that they’ve gotten rid of Dan and Brad. Honestly, even though I watch 3TV each morning it’s Tara I can’t stand – I watch it for everyone else. Tara just rubs me the wrong way. I can’t stand her big hair and geez – she is so one dimensional. Her opinions are very strict and really need to be kept to herself. Ugh, oh well, its my choice to keep watching and I will.

  226. Mary Jo says:

    I, too, have watched GMAZ for over 20 years and am saddened by the recent changes. The biggest disappointment is not having Bruce in the helicopter to monitor what is happening around the valley. It’s not the same seeing him standing by the side of the road reporting. BIG MISTAKE BELO. You need to take a second look at your on-air personalities, esp. Patty K. I have never seen anyone reading the news make so many mistakes. It’s unbelievable that she has been able to keep her job for so long. I get tired and embarassed for her just watching. She needs to go. Beverly Kidd would be a nice replacement. I guess it really doesn’t matter, because I am also going the way of the others, and changing to another channel for the news. I just can’t watch Patty any more.

  227. Hrimmy says:

    Nuts! I love these guys – It’s Tara who is SO annoying… She cuts down so many people on the show, she is a snob who thinks she is better than EVERYONE! I would not have expected this. If anyone should go, it should be Tara, not one of these awesome important figures on the show….

  228. Hrimmy says:

    P. S. After finding this out – I am switching channels You have lost a LOT of loyal viewers over this BIG MISTAKE!!!!!!!!

  229. Larry says:

    It’s been a long time since my last entry so I thought I’d check to see what others had written. Boy!!! Judging by the negative comments about Tara, there must be a lot of fat, ugly, jealous women out there. And I’m surprised that they can use a computer. Some of them write like they never took an English class. Tara does do a good job and she’s funny, smart and sooo nice to look at. I don’t have a problem with her but am curious what Rolf might do to her hair. Hopefully nothing like Patty K. But is Tara’s just a tad out of style? I don’t know but it’s OK by me. And I was surprised to hear Olivia is gone also. That’s shame. She did OK. Anyone know if she relocated? I still feel bad about Dan but don’t miss Brad “of course” Perry a bit. I’m retired and sometimes I get up late and miss the early part of the show so I switch to channel 14 to catch up. I want to hand it to the BELO BOZOS though, the ones at the top who decided who to cut. It really is a help to get a traffic report that is eight hours old. I’ll bet just one of your salaries could have kept most of the better people you fired. I’ll keep watching but I’ll bet you did lose a lot of viewers. I’ll go too if Tara and Scott go.

  230. Terri says:

    I googled where is Dan and Brad …this Sunday morning because I have missed them on channel 3 for a long time now. I thought at first vacation. I tred to like the show without them. Brad was a local celebrity that my entire company just loves.
    Dan was just the guy … and to see that other helicopter guy ( not good) he needs to be in the air or off the morning.. to pich him over Brad is just crazy!
    I got bored a few weeks ago and found Beth & Bill on another news channel! I wake up to channel 3 since moving here in Sept of 1999 and drive to work with Best & Bill.

    I’m leaving Channel 3 and setting my TV to wake me up at 6:00 to 10.
    TERA Come to 10!!!!

  231. Teresa says:

    Brad, Dan and now Olivia? Why is it that I can’t find any information on this?
    Three reasons I watch every morning, are suddenly gone! I have veered away from watching 3Tv’s evening addition because of Patty Kirkpatrick. Has anyone else noticed that she can’t report the news with out stumbeling over every word? Her deer in the headlights look is more than I can handle. Why does she, the resident Moron, get to keep her job and the others are let go?
    She is horrible and that is being too kind! Get rid of LIsa Haffner too. She isn’t too bright either. And, everyone I speak to, turns the station the moment her program comes on! Re-think this Belo!! You are losing so many loyal viewers!!

  232. Cheryl says:

    I too am one of the many saddened viewers of channel 3 since the departure of the Good Morning Arizona gang! It was all as a group that made the show so much fun to watch, I still tune in because of my loyalty to the few left behind but in reality it is just a news show now, no surprises, no spontaneous fun moments, I do realize Tara and Scott are doing what they are told to do to hang on to their positions but how sad for them, it was their family to, it’s almost like a death.

  233. bjholman says:

    I am becomming addicted to channel 10. I miss Brad, Dan and Olivia. The only way I will come back to channel 3 is … BRING THEM BACK!

  234. Rolling (on the floor laughing) says:

    Good Riddance to Brad Perry! My wife and I have been watching the Morning Show on 3tv for many, many years. I can’t believe that pedophilic clown lasted as long as he did. If there was one source over the years that constantly tugged at the ratings and was a constant source of embarrassment not only to Belo, but the many viewers such as myself, it was him. One can only imagine the everyday concern of upper management wondering what he would do next, whether it would be a matter of liability or putting someone in danger with his ridiculous antics. No, Brad Perry will not be missed in our household!

    Dan, we wish you the best of luck and fortune in your future endeavors!

    Carry on.

  235. Rolling (on the floor laughing) says:

    Good Riddance to Brad Perry! My wife and I have been watching the Morning Show on 3tv for many, many years. I can’t believe that clown lasted as long as he did. If there was one source over the years that constantly tugged at the ratings and was a constant source of embarrassment not only to Belo, but the many viewers such as myself, it was him. One can only imagine the everyday concern of upper management wondering what he would do next, whether it would be a matter of liability or putting someone in danger with his ridiculous antics. No, Brad Perry will not be missed in our household!

    Dan, we wish you the best of luck and fortune in your future endeavors!

    Carry on.

  236. Darren S says:

    I can at least see why they let Brad go, his part just wasn’t needed by the show. Nothing bad to say about his comical character, but as a consumer of morning news casts, I can definitely see why his segment just didn’t seem to be relevant unless you liked watching him dress up in something completely odd and hang out with young children all the time. Now Dan’s Segment was something else. I rather enjoyed his information that he gave us, but most of the time, it was foreign information. Considering how un-cultured most of us “fat Americans” tend to be, why would we care about the rest of the world. I love the guys I see driving Gas Guzzling Trucks cruising down the road at 12 miles a gallon with “Green Peace” stickers on them, it just makes me laugh.

  237. steve says:

    I moved to Phoenix in 2003 and i thought that 3 tv was awsome we would watch all the time now it seemslike it is cutting corners.Patty can she even read a teleprompter,she is a joke i like Tara and scott, I will miss Brad and his corny jokes Dan will soon be back somwhere,just think now,bruce and lisa and tara and ken can continue to talk about how rich and wonderful they are.My idea is to get off the Belo sinking ship people. you could be next before it sinks Good by 3 tv moving to cnn.

  238. Yvonne says:

    “Good Morning Arizona” won’t be the same without the Brad and Gibby “team,” especially on Halloween and other holidays… April is another of my favorites as is Scott. The news team will never again have the same flare that kept our interest in News Channel 3’s morning show…….I wish both Brad and Dan the best of luck and put Bruce back up in the air hovering Elvis over the valley where he belongs……don’t take away his wings!!

  239. johnny says:

    Yay ! They should have gotten rid of Brad a long time ago. He is a DOOFUS ! Now I can watch channel 3 news without being annoyed by a buffoon !

  240. Jim Kerr says:

    wow…no brad…no dan…no olivia…beanstacker that cyphered up this idea needs a new abacus cuz his beads is sKeWeD…don’t reckon i care to see any 3TV folk git the pink, even them as i don’t cotton to – theys all family…

    Kinda interesting to see some closet racism surface here – whuts that about? When’s that git good?! I’m gonna figger it’s them dirty birds from outta state whuts been postin’ that nonsense…

    Wulp – Bye Dan an’ Brad and O-Livie Best Wishes fer ya in all things – yer sorely missed!

    Belo-fellas – whut the hell, huh? You gotta trash the one channel ah kin stand ta watch over PENNIES? Holy-sweet-pea-shuckin’-yeshua! Go fail a bank or suthin’ and leave 3TV be! Mebbe I ain’t much of a customer, but I ain’t yer customer no more and that goes for all yer advertiser-misers, too. I’m shed of ya! Rather watch m’ dog’s dish than a mangled 3TV…

  241. Arcadia Arizona says:

    Remember the Liz Habib scandal? Whatever. Belo sucks a** and it makes me not like being a native to this armpit of a city anymore. I’ll watch Good Morning America and pretend little shi* stations like KTVK don’t exist.

  242. Greg Pedersen says:

    I wached 3 tv because I got the news with a little humor and fun facts.Brad and Dan will be much missed,as they were the family that is now gone.Maybe with the money they save they can dress Tara so She does not look like a bage lady, or is she just a throw back from the 60’s,perrty boy must nearly toss his cookies every every morring when he see’s her hair and dress,I do like her as a news caster ,she just has no tast.

  243. Matthew says:

    Tara is ugly and self-absorbed. Olivia moved to Vegas for a primetime anchor spot. And no, many of these women who say this on these postings are not fat, ugly losers (as someone (Larry) posted); they are smart women to realize a fake when they see one!

  244. Wayne in San Antonio says:

    Anyone know what Dan Davis is up to?

  245. brian says:

    Its time to bring back Brad and Dan the show is not what it used to be.
    If they cant come back I guess its time to move on to a different station

  246. Kay Simpson says:

    What is there for me to relate to now? With the economy the way it is, why do I want to see Tara’s stuffed closet. She could spend some of the money she has on a makeover…50’s hair is out. Can I relate to Scott and his boat, motorcycle, flying lessons, etc, etc, etc? NOOOOO! I can relate to Dan and trimming his own lawn. I can relate to Brad and his love for his kids and he is someone my kids can identify with …in a good way. They were interesting and fun. It wasn’t the same old show you can get on any channel.

    If we don’t have Bruce in Elvis, just let him help Lisa on her show. He looks so unhappy driving around, that’s another reason to get depressed watching now. Let April do weather and traffic.

    GMAZ was different, exciting, interesting, and unusual. Now it’s just the same old boring, depressing news. Now we’ve lost Beth and BIll, Brad, Dan, Olivia’s smiling face, and Bruce is grounded.

    I’ll be watching one more time. Just to get a list of sponsors. I’ll let them know I am not going to spend my money, what little there is left of it, on their products or at their business.

    I’ve only watched 3TV since my first visit to Phoenix years ago. I’m heading to a national program that has good news, a sense of humor, and minorities. You cut out the only good things going for program. You’ve saved a dime and lost a dollar!

  247. Lloyd says:

    I always enjoyed channel 3, it came first opposed to 5,10,12,15 news channels. I missed Brad Perry and Dan Davis after several weeks and e-mailed the news channel to find out what happened to Brad. I thought they had taken vacation. After hearing about them being laid off, I will not watch channel 3 news again. I will go to Fox 10 or others. Brad Perry and Dan Davis made channel 3 what it was. Humor and good news anchors. Good-bye

  248. Linda says:

    I can’t stand it! No wonder I haven’t been laughing in the morning – and watching Bruce do live shots is painful because he is miserable doing it. What the heck is wrong with these guys @ BELO. I kept hoping these guys were on vacation and turned to Channel 10 in the morning – now I guess I’ll stay there – no offense to Tara and Scott – I like them but the whole dynamics changed – sorry! Your loss

  249. disappointed says:

    I understand that Brad and Dan do not appeal to EVERYONE but the fact is that if you are the number 1 morning showing you should not fix something if it is not broken. It would make sense to look at other ways to make the necessary cuts. I have been watching channel 3 since Jodi Applegate has been on. And I am not old and definnetly have a life. Although Tara gets on my nerves at times and I was amazed at some of the stuff Brad did and Dan did bore me at times, they were like FAMILY and I never stopped watching until now. That’s exactly what a family does, gets on your nerves at time but they are still FAMILY. My kids and I would have Channel 3 on EVERYDAY while we get ready for work and school but now not even my kids want to watch anymore. It is not just that they let these two go, they have changed the set and the mood and there is just no point in watching anymore so now I have to find a new family. Hello Channel 10!

  250. GOOD RIDDENCE says:

    At last – great move! Unlike all the other posts, Brad and Dan were the only reason I stopped watching channel 3.
    Finally their morning news doesn’t have Brad’s annoying antics and finally can really get the real weather – not him trying to steal the stage with his horrible singing.
    And Dan’s segment was such a joke – it reminded me of a high school project that needed some filler to meet the minimum requirements. Did he ever have something important to say? For you Family Guy viewers – that always “GRINDS MY GEARS”.
    Reborn AZ FAMILY viewer 🙂

  251. Susan says:

    I have been a fan of Gmaz since way back when Jodi and Dan were on together.I started watching because it was not as depressing as the networks and more fun. NOW it stinks, so boring, news, news, news and flat. Boy idid you all make a mistake.

  252. Leah says:

    Good Decision for Ch. 3. I thought Brad was lively and fun. I felt bored listening to Dan. He was overweight, seemed tired/ old fashioned. He was one reason i stopped watching. It would also be nice for Tara to have an updated youthful hairdo. i find it faster & more efficient to read my news on-line & not have to listen to commercials & long intros for each story. Bev is always great & professional.
    Best of Luck

  253. Susan says:

    Bring back Jodi Applegate – I still miss her !!!!! 🙂

  254. antoinette says:

    WHOAAA!!! I just found out about DAN and BRAD. What a bummer!!! BIG MISTAKE 3TV…. BIG MISTAKE !!! Will miss you two good luck and GOD BLESS.

  255. Mary says:

    They also got rid of Olivia who did the 4:30am slot with Scott, she is now with Fox 5 in Nevada I really think it is a crying shame, Tara is always on vacation and taking time off, plus she a very piss poor attitude and treats her co-workers like shit, her husband is a millionaire and I think that seniority should have played a factor in their choices of who to let go and who to keep. They have bounced Brad around like a bouncing ball and he always just grinned and bared it. That is also why Bruce has not been up in the air in the chopper, they can’t afford the fuel cost in the multi million dollar helicopter they just bought not to long ago.

  256. virginia ramming says:

    I guess it’s money above loyalty for the big shots. guess that’s why I don’t tune to ch 3 any more!!!!!

  257. Donna says:

    Well, I wonder how many folks have now changed stations and they are hurting more and more by the number of viewers they lost! I was like most people and loved Channel 3. I was a loyal viewer for over 30 years.I am truly lost trying to find a morning station that I like. I hate Channel 10 ensemble. They are nothing compared to the ensenble from Channel 3. But, I refuse to continue with Channel 3! I I am now kind of watching Channel 12 because of Kent Dana. He has been in the valley since I was a kid. I have lived in Phoenix since 1968 and as a child, I remember Patti Kirkpatrick and Cater Lee doing the evening news and Jodi Applegate, too, as a teenager. I also remember Cameron Harper, Heidi Fogelsong, Bill Close, and the blond newscaster that was with Bill. I think she is on Glendale 11 channel now. I am glad to hear Olivia is at Channel Fox5 in Nevada. Where have Brad Perry and Dan Davis landed? What about Brad Cesmat and Ross Shimabuku? Does anyone have news of where all the laid off employees ended up getting jobs?

  258. Jess Harter says:

    Donna — I believe Kent Dana left Channel 12 several years ago.

  259. Kelly Martinez says:

    I can’t believe this station got rid of these guys. Brad Perry made me laugh out loud sometimes, he was so funny. One of the big reasons I watched this show. I will miss him, Channel 3 really messed up with this one.

  260. Sandi Mares says:

    mmm, I’ve been wondering what happened to Brad and Olivia – Two big TV personalities. Sounds like Olivia was probably lucky to get out when she did. I agree with most the posts here that Brad should have been kept and given more air-time. I liked Dan, too. I missed Jodi Applegate when she left. After all these years of watching Channel 3, I just don’t want to anymore. The people have been like family. Tara, Scott, and Tess can’t keep me motivated to watch Channel 3. The entertainment aspect of Channel 3 Family News is gone – which is the reason I watched. Now there is too little minority representation on the face of Channel 3. Was letting Dan go an act of age discrimination? I hope that Brad Perry makes it big in the Entertainment field. I guess I’ll have to watch the real news on some other channel in Phoenix . . . bummer!

  261. says:

    Hi, I met Brad doing of his segments and he was just a total ass. He thinks he’s much funny than he really is, believe me. I’m not surprised more people did not complain about his antics. He could be very unprofessional. Dan seemed to be ok, but I’m sure they had their reasons to let him go. Remember, during this economy people have to toe the line and be more respectful if they want to keep their jobs.

  262. Joe Palooka says:

    April is the next that needs to go, I always thought Brad was a Bafoon and needed to be let go, Dan, though seemed nice, he was useless, but April is dumb and dumber than anyone on TV, that girl is beyond dumb, it just irks me that she is on TV, when she is not reading the weather forcast and actually has to speak it makes me cringe, the girl is so dopey, such a hilbilly, what is between her ears???? air????? I will never forget when Olivia said to her, “wow the monsoons dont seem as bad as they used to be in years past” and she looked at Olivia with a dumbfounded look and said “what do you mean by that” DUH!!!! This girl is beyond a moron, please let her go next!!!! She is an embarrassment to average intelligence!

  263. LIN says:

    channel 3 has a notice on their website that if you emial them at feedback , you will get an answer within 48 hrs. i have emailed them numerous times to inquire about the recent layoffs at 3tv. and i have never received an answer , just another clue that they don’t care about the viewers . for that reason , i am , like many others switching to another station for my news and weather . as for comments on the ones who were layed off and the ones who are left . bruce , i understand is on the ground because of some agreement between the stations owned by belo , to use one helicopter for all their news cast , apparently they picked someone from texas . lisa haffner is no longer on her show either , has anyone noticed that . bruce is so out of place , he looks miserable . brad is an out of place comedian , he is an excellent standup comic , but we all know that is not part of a news cast . i wish him well . dan davis , i believe , was getting bored , wanted to make a change , but felt he could not because of his family obligations . belo helped him along , however , i think they handled all of this the wrong way . they should have told the viewers what was going on and at least gave these people a chance to say goodbye on the air . olivia is now a nevada resident , she must have seen the writting on the wall . good luck olivia . now , the ones who are left . royal norman , has long since been upstaged by newer weather people . brittiny does an excellent job , and has a great tv presence . april trys hard , but is just not in her element . scott and tara are a joke . they have tried to make them look more professinal by changing the set more than once in the last few months . even made scott move behind a table so no one could see his tennis shoes he wears with suits . that however does not change his lack of tv presence . tara , is long overdue for a makeover , she flaunts her wealth , brags about her outrageous vacations , it goes on and on . mostly we are tired of her hairstyle . have you noticed that even on the weather channel , heather tesch has finally changed her outdated hair . ( by the way what ever happened to marshall seese ) hmmm! belo , you have really made some mistakes , you need to get back on track and find out what arizona people want on their tv . obviously , you never asked . for , now bye , bye channel 3 . p.s. lose patty kirkpatrick , she looks like she is in la la land instead of on a tv news cast . i say that as a mother who has for 10 years dealt with a child who is bi polar . she loses her thought process so easily . get some help patty .

  264. Bill says:

    Finally – these two were idots and lessened the show. I may switch back now.

  265. Pat says:

    I think Brad Perry will land on his feet, but I’m not sad to see Dan Davis gone. After many years of being GMAZ fans, we quit watching them 4 years ago because of Dan’s constant sniping of Pres. Bush. GMAZ was not the place for his impromptu editorials (always against Bush), and I suspect others complained about him also. His on air nastiness was likely a factor in his being “layed off”. The good old boy persona he liked to portray wore thin and didn’t disguise the fact that he was just another whining liberal.

  266. John Carey says:

    I just noticed Brad was not around and googled. This is aweful. He was so funny and now we just have “Big Bird” who doing the weather who has absolutely NO personality. My kids loved Brad. As far as Dan…a double whammy…What a nice guy who always had value to add to the show…I’ve totally switched the channel 10 now. Hope Dan lands somewhere special and better for him…

  267. Skip says:

    The big boys have made a big mistake, this station is so darn boring it’s time to change to something else in the morning, they made it come to life. You can only listen to a stupid weather report so many times in a row. Best of luck to the both of them.

  268. miss j says:

    i am shocked.
    it was weird because for awhile i was not watching the 6a news on channel 3 then a fw times i turned on the news and kept waiting for brad perry and never saw him.again i watched and still brad perry.finally i went on the internet and tooooooo my surprise brad perry is laid off from the news channel.big mistake!!!!!!!i really liked him and i thought he brought color to the show.
    thanks alot channel for letting a good person go.
    i wish hm the best and hope he knows there is life after channel 3 news.
    i cant believe they laid him off!!!!!!

  269. Elana Arbuckle says:

    I am sorry to see Brad go. Both guys were on the station for a long time and I enjoyed watching them. WOW! I think I will watch another station now.

  270. Rob says:

    Good move. Dan had nothing to contribute and Brad was too full of himself. Tara has to be next. She thinks she is 20 and is really annoying. The other cast members are ok. If it wasn’t for her, I would probably switch back to 3. I like 10 because they tell the news quickly and they are to the point. 3 just stalls with segments that are useless.

  271. michael gilliland says:

    By the looks of the comments above many people think the way i do. You get rid of two of the better people and leave the likes of Patty K. She is the worse news tv person anywhere. Do you people ever listen to her show????? And now you also don’t have a helicopter, whats up with that??

    It’s ok, I now watch 10 news.

    Keep it up and you can just close your station.

  272. Mary Ellen says:

    I have to agree with Michael G. Patty stumbling through and hesitates when reading the news and appears so confused? Brad Perry and Dan Davis are very missed ,as there at times such a need for humor or just plain goofy things. Hope you hire them.

  273. Rick says:

    I must be in the minority but Brad was a big turn off for me. I would quite often change the channel in the middle of his antics. I was also really turned off by some of the things that came out of his mouth. Dan I will miss!

    And Patty??? She is painful to watch. So I don’t. On the rare occasions I happened on the channel I never saw her run through a broadcast without multiple errors and stumbling. She must have connections because I don’t get why she is one of their major news people.

  274. john says:


  275. geoffrey says:

    brad was the only thing that made 3 funny and interesting to look at. hello fox 10.

  276. Scott says:

    Brad lands a commercial AND cuts loose on his layoff:

    Google “Brad Perry cuts loose” and see!

  277. Sandy says:

    I also will not watch the Morning show anymore. You let go two of the best people. All Tara does is smile, with that fake smile of hers, and Patti stumbles on her words all the time. I am changing channels.

  278. NOT COOL says:

    I can not beleave that they let go of Dan Davis a guy on 3tv since 1982 its channel 12 for me’

  279. Richard Price says:

    To the De-Humanistic Owners of Below Broadcasting,

    Family – a theme that CTV 3 likes to tout and be proud of over the years. Seems that family is no longer in fashion. Below Broadcasting has, with there letting go of Dan and Brad, entered into the modern world of “Cut Throat” business practices. No longer is loyality of years with a company worth the a mention by those in the “power seats” of a company like Below.

    There are less and less compaines now adays that actually care about there employees and truely appreciate the quality of Loyality. Most works actually have that, yet compaines seem to dismiss it as “I pay them, they should be loyal to the enth degree.” What companies forget, loyality is earned not freely given.

    I think Dan and Brad have shown by thier actions they were loyal and professional parts of the CTV 3 family. Suffice to say, Below lacked the same quality for it’s family members that they had for Below.

    Dan and Brad will contimue in this field or another. It doesn’t really matter though what field of endever they choose. They have shown themselves to be men of honor, professionalism and integrety. There new employers will be aquiring more than talent, they will be hiring MEN.

    The best to you both Brad and Dan,


  280. ruined says:


  281. Shannon says:

    I cannot believe that we no longer have Dan Davis, Brad Perry or Olivia Ferraro on Channel 3. Give a new meaning to AZ “Family”! I am disappointed in everything that I have read, above.

    Also, I’d like to know why Bruce isn’t flying the helicopter anymore. At first I made an assumption that they had to cut back, due to the economic situation, and they couldn’t afford to fly the helicopter. But I do see, every once in a while, a helicopter shot.

    Channel 3 should have made all their viewers aware of the layoff’s of these changes, since we see and live with them daily. I really miss them!

  282. Shannon says:

    Olivia landed here:
    Now I am wondering about: Brad Cesmat and Ross Shimabuku?

  283. sherri says:

    Ross is in San Diego. news on the fox station.

  284. Suzi says:

    As for Bruce.. he told me that they had to sell the Channel 3 helicopter.
    I miss Olivia. As for Tara, she whines soooo much. And she is just a dumb blonde. She says so many things that are so very anappropriate for TV. She isn’t at home, and she needs to remember that. I wish she would leave Scott alone. If she pulls his hanky out of his pocket one more time, I will scream. She is such a child. Grow up Tara. You do as OK job, but you are so annoying. I am so glad that she has a lot of vacation. I love it when she is gone.
    As for Patty..I don’t know if she has a medical issue or what, but as hard as I try, I just can’t watch the evening news. It’s embarrassing to me!
    Tara needs an intervention on growing up. I always thought that she would be great on a gossip station. Some of the questions she asks…????

  285. gman says:

    Channel 3 has been going downhill for a while now. It went from #1 to #3 in the rankings. With the clowns they have left, they’ll go down even further. Even Olivia Fierro saw the writing on the wall and made a smart move to Vegas.
    I’ve made the switch to channel 10 and channel 15. I’ll probably come back when channel 3 gets better anchors. I don’t think Belo gets it.

  286. matt h says:

    Its to bad they let brad and dan go. Please let tara go she is a fake as well as patty. Channel 10 will now get the best ratings

  287. Paolo says:

    What a big mistake, I cannot believe they got rid of Dan and Brad and KEPT that awful Patty!
    The show is NOT the same without them!

  288. Leah says:

    I am not loyal to any one station for morning news “but” I have noticed a significant change in the broadcast that prevents me from wanting to watch for a continued amount of time. Couldn’t put my finger on why I didn’t want to watch anymore, but now figured it out. I think most of us watch 3 morning news for the “light spin” on local news incorporated with national news. Anchors such as Dan and Brad helped make that possible. The “life” seems to be missing from the morning show and now feels a bit vacant to me. The vacancy i can always get on many of our local channels and national broadcasts such as Fox, CNN, which i do watch faithfully. Those stations also provide (overall) a better coverage of local, national issues.

    I am watching 3 morning for something i cannot get anywhere else and now it is gone……Hope management knows what they are doing?
    Chino Valley, AZ

  289. cyn says:

    I stopped watching channel 3 as soon as Brad and Dan were let go. I am sure the channel has lost several viewers. The show is so boring now!!! I hope Brad is doing well.

  290. Ann says:

    I also stopped watching channel 3 news when Brad and Dan were let go. They both had the most personality on the show and kept it entertaining.. My son put channel 3 on this morning, after I have not viewed it for months. I was amazed at how low key the show has become. The existing show has come up in conversations with friends and they feel the same way that I do. Good Luck channel 3. I feel you have lost many viewers. I realize you made some cut backs do to the hard economical times but you chose the wrong personalities to cut.

  291. MT says:

    Sorry guys, We were loyal channel 3 viewers…… We now turn to Channel 10 to catch the news. Channel 10’s on air personalities are much more upbeat and keep the segments useful and exciting to watch. Keeping the public informed on local and National issues shouldn’t come at the expense of cheerful happy reporters and anchors.

  292. Mr. Fan says:

    OK, since I got HD TV, the personalities dont look so good. Tara has been in the Arizona sun too long. Pasmore seems more interested in dune buggies.
    Looks like Bruce is grounded. April is pretty. Beverly is too heavy. Patty needs to remove the glasses……..
    Brad and Dan made TV3 seem like family.. Their gone, so am I.

  293. LM says:

    I miss Brad and Dan the the morning! They were the ones that made 3TV worth watching. No more of them, no more 3tv for me!

  294. micmac says:

    Thank you channel 3, if not for this blunder I would not have found out how good channels 10 and 15 are.

  295. sheri says:

    I was totally shocked that Brad has been let go. I always thought he was to good for channel 3 tv. He was the reason i watched the show. He made me laugh so many times. I just loved his personality. I sure hope he gets picked up be some hugh TV station. They would only benefit from him. I understand some of his previous co-workers aren’t even talking with him. Again, he is better off without them as well. I no longer watch 3TV it is a total bore.
    Brad made the show.

  296. Donna says:

    Oh so sad. A sign of the times, a person gives their life to their career and when retirement is around the corner, POW, you’re gone. Both of these men were most enjoyable to watch and contributed so much to the news . As others stated, I will no longer watch Channel 3. There were others that could have been replaced. Such a sad world we live in.

  297. CJS says:

    Not very familiar with the people who lost their jobs, since I do *not* watch Channel 3 News for one main reason–Patti Kirkpatrick.

  298. Robin in Flagstaff says:

    I wondered what happened to Brad and Dan when I began watching 3 TV’s morning show again. I too am sad and disappointed with their decision. The morning show is so empty and dull now. It is a waste of my time and I now listen to the radio in the morning. I also agree completely about getting rid of Patti, she is still incompetent after all these years and her choice of haircuts makes it difficult if not impossible to even look at her. What does she have on the heads of BELO where they won’t get rid of her, I’m curious. She has to have something on them because she is not their for her talent.
    I have been watching 3TV’s from the beginning with Jody Applegate and have been a faithful watcher since, but no more. You definetely blew it BELO.

  299. JENN says:


  300. Bobbi says:

    I have watched Good Morning AZ since the beginning. I live on the road now, with my husband and when ever I am in AZ can’t wait to watch GMAZ. However when I tuned in NO DAN or BRAD. Whats the deal. where are they. First I was sad about TIM and Willy. Now Beth and Bill……I am so sad! good LUCK Dan and Brad.

  301. jay says:


  302. jay says:


  303. B&J says:

    I didn’t know there was a topic around the internet on Channel 3. I will ADD my wife’s and my opinion.

    Brad Good, I would have kept him.
    Dan OK I guess, no feelings one way or another.
    Ross Good. I would have kept him for sure.

    Patty Kirkpatrick:
    We both just can’t understand WHY she is the anchor? She is probably a real nice person but her stammering and makeup
    have us moving to other channels to watch the news in the evening when all we use to watch is channel 3.

    Britney and Beverly, Eye candy of course. Beverly is pretty good
    and would be 100 times better at anchor but I think there was something about her family first, which is very understandable.

    Very Good morning team. April is cute and does a nice job too.

    Just an opinion from a couple local viewers. We’ve moved to FOX 10 where the news is fun to watch even if most of the news is BAD. Hook n Lake.

  304. darryl says:

    i have been watching dan since i moved here from ill 16 yrs ago and with the addition to brad was like jordan and pippin . Whenever i thing of goodmorning az i instantly picture Brad and Dan ! I stopped watching 3 and now i am going to get into somthing else and for the record i am not and old fart I am 35 . Waht a disapointment . I was for Obama but only for the on before he became president but iunfortunately I cant see the future before it happens . Hopefully there is a brave soul out there in this country who will sacrifice there freedom for the rest of the country !!!

  305. Alex says:

    Belo WAY TO GO! …Thanks for making the news the same old boring SH*# you can find any place. In my opinion the reason why these guys were #1 for a long time is because they had fun together and it came across clearly on screen. Who wants to watch ‘they killed 50 people today’ day in and day out? I would rather be watching Brad and one of his funny dance moves or Dan and his fascination with John Deere equipment. I’m not sure how you can call it a Morning “TEAM” if there is NO sense of “TEAM” spirit coming from management. I’m 35, not too old…not too young …but definately not interested in your politics or show format. I do agree you have more news people than you probably need to have, but getting rid of the person that appeals to the kid inside of you and the person you trust and respect because he has been around long before you can remember, was not the way to go.
    I rarely watch the news now..too depressing.. I get all the news I want (and much quicker) on Yahoo when I check my email. Maybe the ‘smart’ people in management can figure out people want and need positivity in their lives specially during these times… who wants to start their day on the Debbie Downer trainer..not me.

  306. Jamie says:

    I miss Brad Perry so much. I want to know where to see his comic genius again.

  307. Kenny says:

    I was sitting here this morning thinking, what is different, I mean, I knew that Bruce was grounded (which I thought was unbelievable), and then no Dan or Brad? When I moved here in 1998, I was impressed with the channel that was “The Place With More Stuff”. At first I thought it was corny, but after I started watching 3TV, I quickly changed my mind and became a member of “Arizona’s Family”. Now I feel like corporate america made a totally wrong decision here. I mean I love Bruce don’t get me wrong, but morning roving reporting was best done by Brad Perry. He got everyone movin in the morning. Bruce belongs up in a chopper. I know times are tough, but cut corners in corperate salaries and bring these wonderful people back. I mean cmon, Dan Davis was an icon in television. 26 years and now poof, gone. After the chopper crash, it was amazing to see Bruce back up in News Chopper 3, with the Elvis Cam. Now I feel ripped off. I love Fox 10, I dunno, it’s a toss up on what I will do with this information. Can’t you people read what the city wants, and not what you want? So sad, so very sad. Give Patti the year off to get her face sanded and bring those two back. I know that was a cheap shot, but that’s how I get when I am angry when my loved ones are taken from me.
    Kenny, formerly a 3tv veiwer. Well, We’ll see.

  308. Mark McDevitt says:

    I’ve been a resident of AZ since the mid 70’s. Brad is a moron. Always has been. I’m surprised he lasted this long. Dan, on the other hand, has been a realistic reflection of what the true Az lifestyle is all about. That’s my opinion.

  309. Burt says:

    Oviously those that think Brad is a moron has no life or sense of fun. Brad added some fun and laughter to the show. Most of the others just talk in conversation and it is boring. At least Brad adds some fun and counter acts with other people not just the station employees. The new girl who has taken his place is too boring. Nice girl but brings nothing to the show. If I watch it at all anymore it is just to catch up on the local news then change it to the Today show. He is missed by many that enjoy some fun and laughter. Not by dead heads like the one who called him a Moron.

  310. H says:

    I have to start out saying that I am not one of those people who are mortified and outraged that two long time, and loyal employees have lost their jobs due to a down economy and a couple of fat cats, no… I am not one of those people. I am also not one of those people who are going to tell you that I used to believe that 3 tvs morning show had a chemistry and a certain something that set them apart from all of the other channels, but now have nothing special. And I am certainly not one of those people who are going to bash on Patti K. just because she seems to consistently bumble over the news while looking into the wrong camera because she is obviously too hopped up on who knows what to know what is going on. No, I am deffinately not one of those people. I am however goting to tell you that I am extreemly confused by the new addition to the “team” just months after several people were let go. What is that all about?

  311. dave says:

    lay off Tara Hitchcock I cant stand her she is the most annoying person and probably the ugliest. She definetly needs a makeover and a change in style

  312. LaDonna says:

    I think Tara did try to change her look – she looks like crap. Her eye makeup is mortifying lately. She definitely needs a new hair and make-up person so fix her looks.

  313. Cody says:

    Im very sad because brad went to my school in a big air ballon and after that they just fire him. I was wondering one day when i was watching 3tv where they were cause they didn’t say anything.

  314. Don says:

    WoW! What’s going on? I have been traveling for the past few years and I return to the Valley and find Dan & Brad have been canned. I am saddened, I always looked forward to watching channel 3 when Tara wasn’t there. I will be going
    to Channel 10 from here on. I was looking forward to retiring and enjoying my mornings with channel 3. Channel 10 now has to put up with me now. I hope they
    keep Rick and Ron, and the ladies there. I can’t imaging channel 3 keeping Tara.

    It was good to see Olivia’s beautiful smile on channel 5 Las Vegas. I hope Brad and Dan go on to better venues.

  315. Pete says:

    OK, I’ll confess right now that I REALLY disliked Dan Davis; I found him to be crabby, arrogant and annoying. I disliked him so much that I once (at least four years ago) sent an email to Belo Management complaining about him, stating that I believed that Davis was BAD for Belo’s bottom line. HERE’S what will interest you: I received a reply in which some Belo muckity-muck told me that frequently in their stockholders’ meetings the principals commented on what an “ASSET” Davis was to TV 3 (they were 1/2 right) and he yipped that they “would never get rid of Davis.” What happened, I wonder?

    As for Brad, I loved the guy. He has a lot of “heart.” He is similar to Fox 10’s Cory McCloskey, just not as experienced. Brad will bounce back. Davis is done.

    I found it interesting that I saw a lot of comments where you guys wanted to see Tara gone, but I didn’t notice anyone recommend that pretty boy Scott get the axe. In my book, those two are the King and Queen of Useless.

    FOX 10 morning news ROCKS!

  316. jay says:


  317. jay says:


  318. sam barker says:

    I think Brad was a good choice to lay off. He was annoying.
    He was a clown. I think Dan was a great choice. He never
    did anything but look at his computer. I always wondered
    what they needed him for.
    I do not watch channel three news anymore because they
    have chinese, and other people which makes me feel I am in
    another country.

    Good bye channel three. Tara should go next and all the others.

  319. Bobby says:

    I have stopped watching Channel 3 due to the layoff of Brad and Dan my friends and family has followed me in this also. It is clear that the Executives are out of tune with their viewers. Very sad!

  320. Laraine says:

    I have switched channels because of this. I did the same with KMLE when they let go of Dave Pratt.

  321. calamity says:

    I always wondered WHO watched this station anyway….and how
    it allowed these people on air? Perry never did it for me….Patty
    needs a fashion coordinator…and god fobid, somettime she should
    have to do a sad commentary…she’s almost in tears everytime.

    Phoenicians are just used to stupid tv and radio …..I guess.

    the radio stations play the worst music ever….if you go to any
    major city, you will hear much more upbeat music….even in classical rock !
    these guys stink !

    and beth and bill? who is worse?

    arizona needs an overhaul in every major media !

  322. Tired Of 3tv says:

    Yeah its time for Stuck up Scott and Tara to go. They do nothing but argue on TV. Hell, just close down 3tv all together. Less bitchin and more doing.

  323. G.S.Johnson says:

    If you had to get rid someone it should have been Patty Kirkpatric the , aahhh, ummmm ohhhh woman, she’s terrible .

  324. luc says:

    Brad sucked. He should have been fired a long time ago. I stopped watching when Brad was hired. A complete no talent loudmouth.

  325. noone says:

    The morning news program sucks now! I don’t know if it was becasue of Brad or Dan or the combo at the time but I liked it and I definately watched over channel 10 not now. I can’t stand the morning news on channel 3 and I watch everything but, maybe it’s time to replace whoever came up with the bright to fire Brad and Dan and bring in Kayle. Wake up and see how stale the show is now and do something about it!!

  326. Pete Moss says:

    Unbelievable! You people who mention “trailer parks”, “portable toilets” etc…were born in a portable toilet and live in a trailer park now and always will. Basically because you’re so dang ignorant and just plain dumb that you wouldn’t know good family TV if it was on a free TV you ripped off because you ran out of meth! What a bunch of freaking idiots!!

    Sometimes I wonder if the executives over at channel 3 are on meth myself! Getting rid of Dan Davis was purely a cheap move to dump salary for a great guy who earned it after being there for 26 years. Brad and Gibby together and their roving reporting were one of THE reasons to even watch the morning show. They had the best mix of people at any station in the Valley and now have a bunch of cookie cutter news people with NO personality whatsoever. What made channel so great to watch in the mornings was the fact that is WASN’T your standard morning news show. Now it’s just like any other boring news show but even worse because all the people who made it great are gone.
    Belo being loyal to the wrong people makes me sick! Patty Kirkpatrick can’t get a sentence out without hacking it up so badly that half the time I don’t even understand what she’s saying. Not only that…at the end of every report, she interjects something completely lame and tries to make it look like she knows what she’s talking about and that she’s up on the issues. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. Just read the monitor and don’t add anything…please!!
    I do agree with some of the statements above as far as Patty, Bev and some of the other people. Pretty funny stuff.
    Bruce should be up in the chopper. I love Bruce…he’s the man! But to put him out there reporting instead of Brad and Gibby was a HUGE mistake.

    We no longer watch channel 3 in the mornings either and are quite saddened by all the absolutely hideous moves that those freaking clueless executives have made over the last few months.


  327. Don Bigelow says:

    I do not miss Brad, because he hurt my son at a Boy Scout activity, and embarassed the small boy in public. After that, I stopped watching Brad. However, Dan was the main reason I watched Channel 3 Good Morning Arizona for years to start my day. I had been watching Channel 3 news for over 20 years til then.
    When Dan was let go, just because he is older and the economy is down, I realized what hippocrites Channel 3 are. They would have reported this outrageous and discriminatory behavior in tones of high moral outrage if it was anyone else, but since they did it, it is ok.
    Since Dan left, I have not watched channel 3 news day, evening, or night.
    I still have not found another channel I like for local news, so I now spend much more time watching CNN.

  328. Tish says:

    Patty, Tara & Scott have to go! The show is so drab with them. How many times can Tara and Scott name drop and tell each other who they know. WHO CARES!
    3 has so many other wonderful professionals they can put on camera. Saturday morning with Tess and Javier is the best!

  329. Susan says:

    I miss Bruce in the chopper. I miss Neighborly Dan, the soap box man! I miss Brad & Gibby roaming about.

    I hugely miss the show being content over commercialism.

    Channel 3 execs, you blew it bigtime. Shame on you. You took an interesting show and made it like any other barely worth watching morning show…b o r i n g !!!! Hubby & I watch other programming now, changing to channel 3 just to maintain viewing connections to Tara & Scott.

  330. Sandie Nevel says:

    I move to Wy in June last year and news here is the biggest joke. All the news in less than 20 min with commercials. I really miss Bruce and Dan. Brad not so much. But to let trusted loyal employees go is just plain stupid. I now watch via Dish KTLA out of Los Angeles. Local news and enough of the naional news to keep you interested. personalitys not much. Hope Belo comes to their senses and at least keeps Bruce and has Dan back as a Arizona expert. He has so many stories to tell about the area

  331. jerry says:

    Have been gone for a few yrs, missed the news 3 team, I flip on TV and Dan and Brad are gone, wtf is up with that, never did like Pasmore, and whats up with Hafner wearing his lame a..ed ball cap while reporting, dude everybody knows your balding, what do you think that ball cap makes you look younger, granted you were the chopper dude but hey, you cant report, guess they didnt wanna hurt your wifes feeling by chitcanning you. And OMG, can kirkpatrick get some professional help on her eye makeup, I thought someone beat the crap out of her and she still screws up her lines like she did back in 2001 when I still lived here. OK Tara is due for a new home, getting a lil tired of hearing about her 3 step kids, just go out and get knocked up Tara !

  332. Tino says:

    I think they let go of the most important of their personalities. When things were bad or something wrong in Phoenix Brad and Dan always brightened the day. The 3 news team came to Monument Valley Tribal Park in the summer of 2009, meeting the news crew was a real treat. BELO made a big mistake laying off the two, I think I will change the news I watch from now on, News 10 is looking for more viewers.

  333. D says:

    I really miss Brad : ( What was channel 3 thinking?

  334. So miss Dan and Bruce (in the chopper) I , more often than not, change to a different channel. And adding another hour. OMG! How much boring banter can we take??

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