Joe's Farm Grill celebrates ‘Dogs Days of Summer’

Joe's Farm Grill

If you enjoy hot dogs as much as I do, you won’t want to miss Joe’s Farm Grill’s “Dog Days of Summer.” For the month of September, the Gilbert eatery will sell 14 specialty hot dogs.

“What goes better with summer than hot dogs?” Joe’s Farm Grill chef Chad Burnett asks. “Tim (Peelen, the restaurant’s operating partner) and I are both big fans of hot dogs.”

Burnett (pictured above) was tasked with creating the various dogs, which are available 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily. Two styles will be offered each day, so all 14 will be available each week.

The specialty dogs are:

Joe's Farm GrillHawaiian: Wrapped in ham and topped with mozzarella, bacon and pineapple-serrano sauce.

Asian: Topped with shredded carrots, bean sprouts, scallions, wasabi mayo and teriyaki glaze. (pictured at left top)

Cobb: Topped with romaine , bacon, tomato, egg and blue cheese dressing.

Carolina: Topped with pulled pork and creamy coleslaw.

The 3B: Top with bacon, bleu cheese and Joe’s Real BBQ sauce.

Sonoran: Wrapped in bacon and topped with farm beans, melted cheeses, jalapenos and sour cream. (pictured second)

Cordon Bleu: Wrapped in smoked ham and Swiss cheese and topped with a fried egg and Dijon aioli.

Swedish: Topped with garlic whipped potatoes and lingonberry sauce. (pictured third)

British: Topped with horseradish, caramelized onions and sharp cheddar.

Trailer Park: Topped with Cheese Wiz and crumbled potato chips.

Spanakopita: Topped with creamed spinach, artichokes and feta cheese. (pictured fourth)

Rueben: Topped with sauerkraut, Swiss cheese and Thousand Island dressing.

Mediterranean: Topped with feta cheese, kalamata olives, roasted peppers and pesto mayo. (pictured bottom)

Buffalo: Topped with carrots, celery, buffalo hot sauce and bleu cheese dressing.

All feature quarter-pound, all-beef dogs that are grilled with the exception of the Sonoran, which is deep-fried.

The 33-year-old chef says his favorites are the Swedish, Hawaiian, Asian and Cobb.

“This whole promotion has inspired me to do a hot dog place someday,” he says.

The dogs cost $6.99 with fries, or $9.99 for two dogs with fries. Joe’s also is selling lemonade and strawberry lemonade.

In addition, Joe’s is offering a breakfast dog — smothered with jalapeno-sausage gravy and topped with a scrambled or fried egg — for $7.99 every morning.

Asian/Sonoran: Today, Sept. 10, 19, 23 and 30
Hawaiian/British: Wednesday, Sept. 11, 20 and 24
Buffalo/Cordon Bleu: Thursday, Sept. 12, 17 and 21
Trailer Park/Mediterranean: Friday, Sept. 13, 18, 22 and 28
Rueben/Cobb: Saturday, Sept. 8, 14, 26 and 29
Carolina/Swedish: Sunday, Sept. 9, 15 and 27
3B/Spanakopita: Monday, Sept. 16 and 25
Breakfast: Daily

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8 Responses to Joe's Farm Grill celebrates ‘Dogs Days of Summer’

  1. Pat says:

    Put all the garbage you want on your dogs, I’ll take Carl’s Jr. chili dogs anyday !

  2. Frank says:

    While Joe’s Farm Grill does serve some tasty food, many of their items are simply overpriced. The same is especially true at Joe’s Liberty Market, where a simple grilled-cheese sandwich is $7.00.

    In today’s market, that’s not just overpriced, that crazy overpriced.

  3. Will says:

    Yes, they’re overpriced, but Joe’s Grill and BBQ are the only places I’ve ever seen that have a picnic atmosphere. That’s a great idea in a place with weather like AZ through most of the year. These places are awesome if you have young kids.

  4. John says:

    I’d gladly pay that for Joe’s quality ingredients. Also, please remember that some of the price goes toward paying for what it takes to run a business, pay their employees, furnish and maintain their BEAUTIFUL restaurants, etc… Sure, you can get a simple grilled cheese at Sonic for less… but again, you get what you pay for. Going to any of Joe’s restaurants (Joe’s Farm Grill, Joe’s Real BBQ, Liberty Market) is an experience… more “restaurant” than fast food joint… and again, while you may find the same items at other locations, none will taste as good or be as great of an experience. So… think of it as 3 bucks for the food, and the rest for the experience and keeping local buisnesses in business… would you really only want just a bunch of McDonald’s and Arby’s to choose from??

  5. Frank says:

    Well, excuse me for pointing out that a single piece of cheese on two pieces of bread should not cost $7.00. BTW, every restaurant spends money on atmosphere, not just Joe’s, and most of them don’t charge $7.00 for a cheese sandwich. Joe’s is simply overpriced for what you get, and that includes their “atmosphere”.

  6. John says:

    Apparently I struck a nerve… 🙂 So why did you go there? Didn’t you read the menu and see the price before you went? I’m assuming you’ve been to their website since you apparently are online… So you thought it was overpriced and went anyway? Do you realize “every restaurant” has either corporate backing or NO backing? Joes competes with the big franchises with a National Corporation’s bank roll behind them… they pile out less expensive items en mass so they can afford to open more… and sell more… etc etc. But Joe’s relies only on their food and their restaurant to satisfy their customers… and by the long lines there everyday, they are doing a great job of it too. His prices are higher (and not even by much) because he puts out a higher quality item than Sonic or McDonalds. All fresh ingredients and produce from local sources. That required paying a lot of people for a lot of help… and probably not just minimum wage. Joe’s has a long history of giving back to the community… even has a day every year where all their customers eat free… and I’d say all of his restaurants far out do any chain competetor in archtecture.

    So again, you can go pay less for a single slice of cheese on two pieces of bread for less somewhere else… wouldn’t want you going broke to help out your neighbors… oh and where do you work? We should see if you are overpaid for what you do?!

  7. Jess Harter says:

    Joe’s Farm Grill’s annual Free Cheeseburger Day will be Nov. 4. Any person can get a cheeseburger, fries and drink for free that day.

  8. Rich says:

    Frank don’t order the Grilled Cheese if it so offensive to you. I think it’s lame to complain about someones prices. It’s also lame to compare restaurant food to fast food. As an example the ingredients of a NYPD pizza cost more then Dominos sells it’s pizzas for. Does that make NYPD over priced? Of course not, when you want cheap pizza get cheap pizza, when you want real pizza spend more! If you want a grilled cheese and you’re a cheap b@st@rd, stay home and leave everyone else alone!

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