Flancer's seeks best dessert in Valley

Flancer'sDo you make a special dessert that your friends and family rave about? Now you can share it with the rest of the Valley.

Flancer’s, which has locations in Gilbert and Mesa, is holding a Dessert Showdown contest. The winner gets a $100 Flancer’s gift certificate, their dessert on the restaurants’ menu for a year and a portion of the proceeds donated to a charity of your choice for three months.

To enter, bring your dessert to either Flancer’s location any day this month, along with a typed or printed-out copy of the recipe.

Desserts will be judges on taste, appearance, creativity, ease of recipe and availability of ingredients. Several finalists will be selected to compete in a Dessert Showdown in October.

Keep in mind: Desserts should be “restaurant-friendly,” meaning elaborate, time-intensive creations like multi-layered cakes are out. Sheet cakes, pies, brownies, cookies, cheesecakes and bread pudding generally are acceptable.

For more information, call Flancer’s at (480) 926-9077 (Gilbert) or (480) 396-0077 (east Mesa) or go to flancers.com.

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6 Responses to Flancer's seeks best dessert in Valley

  1. Romeo says:

    For NON “restaurant friendly “desserts just go down the road at Romeo’s Euro Café where you can indulge in some extravagant confections,meaning elaborate, time-intensive creations like multi-layered cakes. Come ck. out the dessert cases.

  2. mark jones says:

    I think you mean desserts should be “sandwich & pizza joint with an unskilled culinary staff friendly” ….. or should “appeal to the undiscerning diner”

    Did you know, restaurants are sometimes known to actually have pastry chefs who routinely produce time-intensive “creations” ….. yep, it’s true …

    They’re few and far between in the East Valley though ……….

    Well, have to go perfect my Jello pudding creation now ……….

  3. MC says:

    I like the idea of the contest and the community interest it will provide will be great! As far as fancy desserts go – I’m a fan. But what’s good doesn’t always have to take a long time to prepare and doesn’t need to be prepared by imported pastry chef. Thank goodness for variety eh?

  4. Ed Lowery says:

    You should check things out before remarking on them. Jeff Flancer owner of Flancer’s is a Culinary Insittute of America graduate and emplys several recent graduates of the Arizona Culinary Institute.

  5. mark jones says:

    Thanks for making my point … If I was a CIA graduate, I’d be totally embarressed by the pathetic menu posted on their website …..

  6. Ed Lowery says:

    If you could possibly put your bias aside and check the place out, you might be surprised.

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