Caffe Boa opening location in east Mesa

Caffe Boa

Great news for east Mesa residents: Caffe Boa, the popular Mill Avenue bistro and wine bar, is opening a second location at Power and McDowell roads near Las Sendas.

The new Caffe Boa, which takes over the former Pacific Bay Company, is expected to open around Nov. 1.

The menu will include many of the favorite dishes from the Tempe bistro (pictured above), but owner Jay Wisniewski says the new restaurant will feature a wood-burning oven — something not found at the Mill location — for making pasta dishes, but not pizzas.

Another feature, Wisniewski says, will be a salumi station, offering artisan cured meats, at the end of the bar.

The 2,500-square-foot Mesa restaurant, which will have hardwood floors and earth-tone colors, will seat about 55 inside and another 45 on a patio with a fireplace.

Compared to the Tempe location, the Mesa one will offer a pared-down wine list of 25 reds and 25 whites — all available by the glass, half-bottle or bottle — from a glass-enclosed wine cellar.

“We think it will allow customers to try great wines from around the world without breaking the bank,” Wisniewski says.

The Mesa location is opening at an intersection that already has D’Vine Bistro & Wine Bar and Red White & Brew.

“Although there are some restaurants already doing good things there, I feel we can offer something that’s not out there,” Wisniewski says.

This marks Caffe Boa’s second try at expansion. Several years ago, Wisniewski opened additional locations in Ahwatukee (later sold and now with a different menu, although it retains the name) and north Scottsdale (since closed).

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5 Responses to Caffe Boa opening location in east Mesa

  1. atpanda says:

    Woah! This is GREAT news. I work at Boeing and this is a really great area to try to catch some of the Boeing lunch crowd. Wonder if they’ll offer a Boeing discount… 🙂

  2. This is great news for East Mesa folks John. What could be better than one Boa? Everyone knows the obvious…more Boa’s:-)

  3. mark jones says:

    Mr. Wisniewski, you really should consider changing your esablishment’s name since the Caffe Boa in Ahwatukee run by Scott Rennard is dragging down the reputation of your Mill Ave. store …… nobody except foodies realize that they’re separate operations ….. aside from the poor menu/service aspects in Ahwatukee, Rennard’s sanitation sucks, e.g.:
    It’s never a good idea to include the business name as part of a sale (as goodwill value) if there’s a chance it’ll damage your continuing business …….

  4. Scott says:

    Of course, mr wisnieski is at it again, the above comment by ” mark jones” is actually jay wisniewski, the owner of Caffe boa in Tempe, another fake comment made by him, his actions are so sad, if he had courage, he would post comments with his real name, never mind that Caffe boa Tempe has been condemned by health dept and original location leveled to the ground, with multiple health violations. His staff are instructed to lie about Caffe boa, it’s all pathetic ! Grow up Jay, don’t be jealous of Caffe Boa in Ahwatukee, no one cares!

  5. Erica Patris says:

    Im sorry but whats up with this mark jones? this sounds spiteful, I have dined many times at Caffe Boa in ahwatukee, its always great and always busy when we go there, not so much in the Tempe location though. I would never go to Mesa so can rule that location out.

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