Revised ‘Craft Beer’ TV show debuts tonight

Like brewmasters tinkering with the recipe of a seasonal ale, the East Valley producers of last year’s “Craft Beer: The New Wine” are introducing a new version of the television documentary.

The one-hour show, produced by Tempe-based PBS station KAET-TV (Channel 8), premiered last March and explored the growing popularity of small breweries that create new and unique beers.

The show was divided into three segments. The first two dealt with a trio of Arizona breweries — Chandler’s  SanTan, Tempe’s Four Peaks (brewmaster Andy Ingram pictured above) and Scottsdale’s Papago — and the third a Delaware brewery.

Producers Henry Broderson and Scott Wallin recently filmed at another nine Arizona breweries and re-edited the show to focus exclusively on the state. The new version will premiere 9 p.m. Monday.

“It’s a nice showcase for Arizona brewers,” says Broderson.

The show also helps to promote the station’s second annual craft beer festival, Made in Arizona, which will be held May 1 at the Lath House Pavilion at Heritage Square in downtown Phoenix.

“We want to keep doing these festivals, so we’re going to keep putting in a new segment every year,” Broderson says.

Last year’s festival at Turf Paradise in north Phoenix drew approximately 500 people. The organizers hope to increase that to 1,000 this year — but no more, in order to retain its intimate atmosphere.

“At some of these bigger fests, people just want to pound beer after beer,” Broderson says. “Our brewers actually like to talk to people about their beers.”

Besides beer, the festival will offer a full range of beer-infused foods, such as porter beef stew, peanut butter beer hot wings, blonde ale potato salad and pale ale beef tamales.

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